In 1974 Allama Iqbal Open University was settled. A public university in Pakistan started activities in 1976 under the name People’s Open University Allama Iqbal before changing its name to Allama Iqbal Open University in 1977. when the university planned to establish its offices in all of Pakistan’s four provinces starting from Multan  Quetta, and Karachi, Now in total, there are 47 regional campuses.

It is named after Allama Muhammad Iqbal. The university is ranked 25th among 1304 international universities. however, Most students are women who can be admitted in Matriculation, Intermediate, Bachelor, Master, M.Phil and Ph.D. programs at the university has spread all over Pakistan, including Multan, Faisalabad, and other cities

How to apply for Allama Iqbal open university admission 2023

Students who want to study at Allama Iqbal Open University. They are informed that university admissions are ongoing and open twice a year in the fall and spring. For taking admission, one can apply online as well as apply physically. To apply online, visit the official website, where the university’s application procedure, eligibility, and degree-related official advertisement are available. And to get more details or if any problem is faced while applying, you can go to your nearest office and solve your problem.

Allama Iqbal open university bachelor’s degrees

Allama Iqbal Open University is conducting bachelor’s degrees in various subjects. Students who want to pursue bachelor’s degree in any subject, the details of which are shown in the table below

Courses NameSubjects (Duration)Fee semesterDuration Semester
BS Chemistrychemistry 08 semester
BS Arabic.Department of Arabic Language & Literature  ___  4 years
BS (Islamic Studies)Quran and Tafseer.Quran & Tafseer  Rs.11140/-4 years
BS (Islamic Studies) Shariah.Shari,ah (Islamic law and jurisprudence)___4 years
BS(Islamic Studies)General.History, culture, and Islamic Thoughts    11140  4 years
BS(Islamic Studies) Hadith SciencesDepartment of hadith & Islamic Studies­­­  11140  4 years
BS(Instructional Design & Technology Programme)Secondary teacher education—–___
Associate degree in commerceCommerce______
Associate degree in Arts(BA)Directorate of Academic Planning & course production.Rs. 27390/-  2 Years
BS (Physics) 4 yearsPhysics 4 yearsRs.62000/-8  semester
BS (Math)4 yearsDepartment of Mathematics___4 years
BS Mass CommunicationDepartment of mass communicationRs.27390/-2 years
BS Islamic studies (Specialization in Seerat Studies)Department of Seerat Studies  Rs. 11140/-  4  years
BS(Pakistan Studies)Pakistan StudiesRs. 27390/-4  years
Associate Degree in education_____2 years
Bachelor In Mass CommunicationDepartment of Mass CommunicationRs. 27390/-2 years
Bachelor In Library & Information SciencesLibrary and Information ScienceRs. 27390/-4  years
BS (Microbiology)__Rs. 23010/-8 semester
BS In statDepartment of Statistics 4 years  ___4 years
BS Gender and Women’s StudiesGender and Women’s StudiesRs. 27390/-4 years
BS EconomicsDepartment of economicsRs. 27390/-4 years
BS Islamic Studies(specialization In Dars- e-Nizami)Department of Seerat Studies  ___  ___
BS Islamic studies (specialization in Dars-e-Nizami) For International StudiesDepartment Of Seerat Studies  ____    ___
Associate degree in Education ADE  ___Rs. 27390/-2 years
BS (Accounting and Finance)CommerceRs. 40020/-4 years
BS EnglishDepartment of EnglishRs. 27390/-4 years
BS (Computer Science)Computer ScienceRs. 40020/-4 years
BS (Environmental Sciences)Environmental Sciences  ____4 years
BS UrduDepartment of Urdu____4 years
BS (Biochemistry)4 yearsBiology_________4 years
Associate Degree in Pakistan StudiesPakistan Studies  Rs. 27390/-4 years

Allama Iqbal open university Master’s Degrees

Allama Iqbal Open University offered more Master Courses in 2023 in All of the pakistan universities. Some courses are given below in Islamabad city.

MBA ManagementN/A____2 years
MSc EconomicsN/A186302 years
Master in Public AdministrationN/A  ____2 years
MS Mass CommunicationN/ARs. 19515/-2 years
MSc Management ScienceN/A____2 years
MA Educational Planning & ManagementN/ARs. 19515/-years
MSc StatisticsN/ARs. 56330/-2 years
MBA Information Technology(MBA-IT)N/A  ___2 years
MBA ExecutiveN/A  ___2 years
MBA banking and financeN/A___2 years
MBA Marketing & Human Resources ManagementN/A 2 years
Msc livestock management (Hon)  2 years
MSC.Administrative sciencesN/ARs. 53920/-2 years
MA Arabic Rs. 20470/-2 years
MSc- BotanyN/ANA2 years
MSc-ChemistryN/ARs. 59710/-2 years 37230/-2 years
M.SC EconomicsN/A186302 years
MA-EducationN/A149502 years
M.Ed-Education[distance and Non-formal]N/A158351 year
M.Ed-Education[Elementry]N/A158351 year
MS.Ed-Education [Science]N/A158351 year
M.Ed Education-[Special]N/A158351 year
MA-Education[teacher]N/A195152 years
M.Ed-Educational Planning & ManagementN/A195151 year
MA-educational planning managementN/A195152 years
M.Sc-Environmental DesignN/A______2 years
M.Sc-forestryN/A_____2 years
M.Sc -Gender & Women studies 186302 years
MA-HistoryNA204002 years
M.Sc-Library & Information ScienceNA236002 years
M.Sc-Mass Communication 195152 years
M.Sc-Mathematics 563302 years
M.Sc- Microbiology NA2 years
M.Sc -Pakistan Studies 186302 years
M.Sc-Physics 360002 years
M.Sc-Sociology 223102 years
M.Sc-Statistics 563302 years
MA-Teaching Of English As A Second Language 204702 years
M.Sc-TV Production NA2 years
MA-Urdu 186302 years

Allama Iqbal Open  University M.phil Dedrees

Allama Iqbal Open University offered more Master MS MPhill Courses in 2023 in All of pakistan universities. Some courses are given below In Islamabad city.

M.Phil-ArabicN/A234002 years
MBA-Business AdministrationN/A396002 years
M.Phil ChemistryN/A527602 years
MS-CommerceN/A400002 years
MS-Community Health & NutritionN/A330002 years
MS-Computer ScienceN/A520002 years
M.Phil.EconomicsN/A495002 years
M.Phil-Education[distance & non formal]N/A240002 years
MS-Education[elementary]N/A240002 years
MS-Education [Science]N/A240002 years
M.phil-Education [Special]N/A240002 years
M.phil-Education [Teacher]N/A240002 years
M.phil-Educational Planning & ManagementN/A240002 years
M.phil -EnglishN/A240002 years
MS-HistoryN/A240002 years
M.Phil-Iqbal StudiesN/A240002 years
M.Phil-Islamic StudiesN/A240002 years
M.Phil Library & Information ScienceN/ANA2 years
Ms-Management SciencesN/A710002 years
M.Phil-Mass CommunicationN/A240002 years
MS-MathematicsN/A49,5002 years
MS-Pakistan StudiesN/A240002 years
M.Phil-Pakistani Languages & LiteratureN/A240002 years
M.Phil PhysicsN/A40,3002 years
M.Phil-Quran TafseerN/A240002 years
M.Phil-ShanahN/ANA2 years
M.Phil-StatisticsN/A495002 years
M.Phil-UrduN/A240002 years

Allama Iqbal Open University PH.D Degree

Allama Iqbal Open University offered more Ph.D. degree Courses in 2023 in All of the pakistan universities.Here is come courses.

Ph. D-Agricultural Extension  N/A210003 years
Ph. D-ArabicN/ANA3 years
Ph. D-Business AdministrationN/A623003 years
Ph. D-chemistryN/A660003 years
Ph. D-Computer ScienceN/ANA3 years
Phd-Education[distance & non formal]N/A205003 years
Ph.D-Education[Elementary]N/A203003 years
Ph.D-[Science]N/A203003 years
Ph.D-Education[Secondary]N/A  203003 years
Ph.D-[Special]N/A203003 years
Ph.D-[Teacher]N/A203003 years
Ph. D-Educational Planning & ManagementN/A  203003 years
Ph. D-EnglishN/ANA3 years
Ph. D-Food & NutritionN/A  460003 years
PhD-HistoryN/A190003 years
Ph. D-Iqbal StudiesN/A190003 years
Ph. D-Islamic StudiesN/A190003 years
Ph. D-Library & Information ScienceN/A  330003 Years
Ph. D-Mass  CommunicationN/A  NA3 Years
Ph. D-MathematicsN/ANA3 Years
Ph. D-Pakistan StudiesNANA3 Years
Ph. D-Pakistani Language & LiteratureNA  190003 Years
Ph. D-PhysicsNA330003 Years
Ph. D-Quran & TafseerNA190003 Years
Ph.D-ShariahNA190003 Years
Ph. D-Statistics  NA50,0003 Years
Ph. D-UrduNA190003 Years

Allama Iqbal offered short courses

The university has announced a short course for students who cannot pursue a two- or four-year degree. The study’s purpose is to make the young generation skilled and educated. However, as a result of this, the university has started offering short courses. After finishing these six-month courses, you receive a credential from the institution.

Students doing short Allama Iqbal Open University courses offer services in various institutions. And running their own business, the university also aims to make people skilled and eliminate unemployment.

allama iqbal university islamabad
allama iqbal university islamabad

AIOU short course list 2023

Certificate course

  • Lughat ul Quran
  • Al Lisanul Arabi
  • Arabi Bol Chall
  • Certificate in Librarianship
  • ATTC
  • French Online
  • Certificate in Literacy & Non-Formal Education
  • Certificate Courses in Public Health
  • BA Open Courses

E-Commerce Skills & Online Courses (Offered in Collaboration with BF Technologies)

  • Virtual Assistant (Wholesale) – Amazon
  • Virtual Assistant (Private Label)-Amazon
  • Virtual Store Manager – Daraz
  • Virtual Trader – Alibaba
  • Shopify Drop Shipping
  • Facebook Executive Marketing

How to apply for a short course

Students who want to be admitted to any of the short courses shown above can quickly get admission by following the steps below.

  • To apply for short courses, first visit the official website of the university
  • Go to Short Courses and select the course you want to take
  • And in this way, you input your data there which will be required as you upload your data, the entry will be done then you will get a message from
  • Then you download your fee voucher from the official website and deposit it in Jeez Cash, Easy Paisa or any bank account.


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