It takes a combination of technical proficiency, artistic vision, and smart post-processing to capture beautiful photographs. Even though a talented photographer may adjust camera settings, lighting, and composition while on location, the real magic frequently occurs in the editing suite.

With picture editing software, presets—a collection of pre-set parameters—can be effective tools for transforming your portrait photos. We’ll look at 11 must-have presets that will help you improve and hone your portrait photography.

Top 11 Presets for Portraits

If you are capturing a portrait shot, we are sure the main subject is the focus. You can use quality presets to make them pop out no matter where they are in the image. If it’s a forest scene, make them stand apart from the lush greenery. If it’s a street shot, give them a golden glow. And if it’s just an indoor shot, make them blend in as one with the entire scene.

It’s amazing how a single preset can be adjusted to produce various outputs depending on the nature of your shot. Without further ado, here are 11 such versatile presets for your images to stand out.

Woodland Presets

The full potential of your forest captures can be quickly unlocked with the help of woodland presets. These presets highlight the natural beauty of woodlands with little effort by emphasizing particular features such as vivid foliage, hazy ambiance, or cozy fall warmth.

Classic Black and White

There’s nothing quite like the classic appeal of black and white portraits. You can bring attention to the unprocessed feelings and expressions in your portraits by using a traditional black and white setting. This preset gives your photos a sophisticated, vintage feel while also removing color-related distractions. To get the right mood, play around with the contrast and grain settings.

Soft and Dreamy

A dreamy and gentle preset can be very effective for romantic or ethereal photographs. This preset usually includes minor tweaks to highlights, shadows, and clarity, creating a soft, dreamy ambiance. A more attractive and entrancing image can be achieved by softening skin tones and lessening stark contrasts, especially for maternity or engagement photos.

Vibrant and Bold

Using a vibrant and bold preset is the best option if you want your portraits to stand out with striking colors and contrasts. To achieve a visually arresting look, maintain skin tones while enhancing the saturation of important colors. For fashion or journalistic photographs when you want the subject to pop against a vivid background, this preset is perfect.

Vintage Film

Use a vintage film presets to add a nostalgic touch to your photos. Through the use of tone curve adjustments, minor grain addition, and color desaturation, you may evoke the warmth and personality of vintage film photographs. This preset is incredibly effective for photos that seek to convey a timeless quality or a vintage vibe to the narrative.

High-Contrast Drama

A high contrast preset can make all the difference for portraits that are dramatic and attention-grabbing. Increase contrast, intensify shadows, and accentuate highlights to provide a striking and memorable appearance. This preset gives the final image a theatrical feel and works especially well for portraits with powerful expressions and dynamic compositions.

Golden Hour Glow

With a special preset, you can always capture the cozy, golden tones of the enchanted golden hour. This setting enhances skin tones and produces a beautiful glow by simulating the warm, mellow light of the sun during the golden hour. The golden hour light preset enhances your photos with magical and cozy quality, making it ideal for outdoor portraiture.

HDR Portrait Magic

An HDR portrait preset can be quite helpful for photographs that require a little bit more dynamic range and depth. By balancing the exposure between highlights and shadows, this preset helps bring out details in the background and subject. It’s important to use this preset sparingly, though, to prevent an artificial or overly edited appearance. You don’t want to make your shot look unrealistic or draw the viewer’s eyes to the wrong parts of your image.

Elegant Matte Finish

A matte finish preset can be your first pick if you’re going for a chic and muted look with minimalism at the forefront. Usually, this preset consists of applying a matte texture, softening blacks, and lowering overall contrast. The end effect is a delicate and sophisticated style that suits well with sophisticated or retro-inspired portraiture.

Crisp and Clean

Simplicity is essential sometimes. Sharpness and clarity can be improved without sacrificing the natural appearance of your photos using a clear and simple setting. This preset is ideal for headshots, formal portraits, and any other setting where a polished and uncluttered image is crucial. Your subject can stand out with clarity and precision by making minor color upgrades, sharpening, and clarity adjustments.

Diminished Pastels for Headshots

Take advantage of a preset that emphasizes pastel tones to embrace a muted and gentle color scheme. This aesthetic is excellent for photos taken outdoors among soft greenery or among blooming flowers, among other natural locations. Saturation is reduced, and delicate pastel colors are added to produce a soft, serene environment that accentuates the beauty of your subject.


In the world of portrait photography, the adventure continues in the editing room after the shutter is clicked. Photographers may experiment with numerous styles and achieve new heights thanks to presets.

These 11 presets offer an adaptable toolkit to enhance your portrait photographs, regardless of your preference. Always keep in mind that every portrait is different, so feel free to experiment and modify these presets to fit your artistic vision.

Use your woodland presets wisely to bring out your subjects’ uniqueness. Any portrait can become a work of art if you have the correct set of settings and abilities – yes, even if you are a newbie.

With a rise in digitization, organizations are actively using online services for buying and selling. Many online stores such as Walmart, Amazon market, etc are actively engaging remote sixers for services. Address verification is a crucial step to acknowledge clients’ profiles and avoid energy complications. Many businesses suffer from heavy financial losses due to weak address verification services. It is one of the crucial resources to boost sales and enhance customer experiences. Nowadays, digital proof of address verification solutions integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to provide enhanced services. Many criminals use fake documents as proof of address and try to reach firms for various crimes. This blog will explore the role of proof of address verification in business security and development.

How Does Proof of Address Verification Beneficial For Business?

Address verification solutions enable firms to have real entities on board. It helps firms to have seamless business operations and security compliance. Many online product delivery platforms get trapped by imposters and misplaced deliveries. It not only brings financial loss but also makes organizations incredible. It makes companies suspicious of users and results in business decline. The address verification service is now working digitally and facilitates organizations to have secure remote client onboarding. Many online platforms prefer address verification solutions to have multiple layers of clients’ identity verification processing. A successful KYC process includes proof of address verification to eliminate the risk of identity fraud and money laundering. 

Companies use address verification solutions to enhance their performance and to have automated solutions for identity verification. Digital proof of address verification services provide organizations with the ability to combat prevailing fraud attacks.

Enhanced Security 

Proof of address verification solutions enables organizations to verify entities before having them onboard. Many criminals use fake addresses which provide a clue of their activities. It enables firms to acknowledge the authenticity of users. Many organizations providing online services have enhanced security with address verification solutions. Digital address verification solutions utilize ML and AL pre-trained robust mechanisms to enhance business security for seamless workflow and proceedings. 

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Verification of proof of address makes the organization aware of every possible risk and enables firms to acknowledge the legitimacy of provided documents. Many firms using weak verification services become victims of criminal attacks. Proof of address verification plays a vital role in compliance with established rules such as AML and KYC regulations. These regulations protect firms from fraudster attacks, not only providing security against fraud but also making the organization credible with enhanced KYC and AML regulatory compliance. 

Enhanced User Experience

Companies can deliver their services to real clients and overcome the inconvenience of the wrong address. It enhances users’ experience and makes the organization credible. It enhances customer satisfaction and provides an opportunity to attract more clients on board. Address verification solutions are very sharp to perform cross-matched over different proofs. It offers firms a way to secure their brand image and have business scalability and growth. 

Time and Cost Effectiveness

Digital solutions for the verification process include robust technology. It provided quick and automated solutions regarding ID verification. The digital proof of address verification process enables forms to have KYC and Know Your Business compliance. It is effective in terms of both time and money. 

Industries Primarily Require Address Verification Services

The E-commerce sector uses address verification solutions for successful service deliveries. It enables them to have seamless shipping and enhance their customer experience. It overcomes the inconvenience of order alternation and provides an automated solution. Online address verification makes organizations secure from unwanted returns and unsuccessful deliveries. 

Many Financial sectors need to verify client addresses to comply with legal obligations. Banks and insurance firms use proof of address verification as a solution to eliminate the risk of money laundering. 

Real estate businesses using proof of address verification solutions eliminate the risk of fraud. Additionally, it provides security against heavy financial losses and enhances work processing within an organizational operation. 

Key Takeaways

Online address verification solutions are very important in finan

cial institutions. E-commerce business and real estate business. It enables firms to overcome future risks and identify the entities during the registration and onboarding process. Address verification solutions further assist firms to eliminate the risk of fake documents which fraudsters use to perform illegal actions. Additionally, address verification solutions help firms comply with KYC and KYB regulations designed to overcome fraud.

With the increase in digital approaches to finance and business, people are shifting towards the modern era. But this doesn’t mean there is no risk of money laundering and other fraudulent activity. Instead, the chances are getting higher with money laundering increasing each year. Fraudsters come up with new tactics that damage online business networks and promote crime and corruption. However, the 3 stages of money laundering are still the same today, and bad actors devise new methods based on these stages. What are those stages and how can businesses make themselves immune to money laundering attempts? This article will answer just that, ensuring your business gets the most of its decisions right in the digital space. 

Understanding Money Laundering: What is it?

Before diving right into the stages of money laundering, let’s first understand briefly what money laundering is and how fraudsters perform their illicit actions in modern times.

Money laundering is the movement of finances illicitly from one source to another just to hide it from the authorities. With the advent of technology, the money laundering issue is picking up pace as attackers now breach organizational networks to carry out their illicit means. According to UNODC, over 3% of global GDP is laundered each year, summing up to the amount of $2 trillion!

Fraudsters use forged/stolen identities to launder money from enterprises and destabilize their networks. This is why compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering regulations is necessary to stay away from falling under the stages of money laundering.

Top 3 Stages of Money Laundering Fraudsters Use

While there are several routes fraudsters take when stealing finances and breaching networks, these are the 3 stages of money laundering that businesses must know. 


The first part of the stages in money laundering is the placement of illicit finances into the organizational system directly or through some other person/channel. This is the most used method among money laundering attempts that divides large amounts into small chunks of sums. Fraudsters then dump these small sums from the authorities by depositing them into multiple bank accounts or a single account, depending on their requirement. This method is known as the smurfing technique. 

Speaking of smurfing, this technique is mostly used by fraudsters in money service businesses. Other than smurfing there are many other methods in step one of the 3 stages of money laundering. Some of them are false invoicing, purchase of foreign currency, gambling, and betting on sports events. 


The second phase in the 3 stages of money laundering is the layering process which separates the illegal money from its source and creates new transaction layers. These layers are created to confuse the business auditor who keeps a check and balance on the financial operations. Layering in money laundering 3 stages hides the origins of the obtained finances and is considered to be the most complex to counter as there are a large number of transactions involved including both, incoming and outgoing. 

Layering provides attackers with a clear avenue to move finances through purchases and sales across different regions. They can invest these finances in different countries and most often, these funds are moved to places with loose AML practices. 

Fraudsters perform layering in several forms including investments in real estate, reselling of valuable goods and products, transfer of funds between real entities and business networks, and chain-hopping (currency exchange). All these layering examples are popular across the business industry and among the 3 stages of money laundering. 


Moving on to the third phase in 3 stages of money laundering known as the integration of funds. This process comes right after layering and helps fraudsters integrate all the gathered funds into their personal accounts. In simpler terms, they clean the illicit money after layering and are now eligible to showcase the finances in the real world as “clean.” In this stage, the fraudsters withdraw their funds from the layering phase and can use them freely. The main purpose of this phase in the 3 stages of money laundering is to integrate the money without alarming any law enforcement agency. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, aml compliance is a major concern across business industries. The 3 stages of money laundering are discussed in this blog. From placement, layering, and integration, the goal is to make the money appear clean and use it for other illicit activities such as drug trafficking and terrorism financing. To prevent these crimes from business networks, firms need to follow the anti-money laundering stages that counter these operations. All these stages in money laundering are being used globally and impact those businesses the most that do not comply with global AML laws.

In the digitally fueled world of instant communication, SMS marketing and online verification have become go-to techniques for online businesses. With a constant need to connect with clients and check user identity, the job of SMS innovation has developed. Enter the universe of virtual numbers to receive SMS online – a distinct advantage for privacy-conscious individuals and businesses alike.

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How do Virtual Numbers Work?

Virtual numbers, or DID (Direct Inward Dialing), give an immediate line to a current telephone line without requiring a different line. These numbers are facilitated on the web and can divert approaching SMS to email an application or a product interface.

When a customer sends an SMS to a virtual number, the message is converted into an email or app notification and sent to the designated recipient. Therefore, the user can receive SMS online, providing convenience and flexibility. This process ensures that the user’s real number remains private, enhancing security while maintaining efficient communication.

Why Virtual Numbers for Receiving SMS Online Make Sense

Break Free from Geographical Limits

One of the most convincing advantages of virtual numbers is their capacity to rise above geological boundaries. Need to receive a quick confirmation code for an overseas service? Or are you running an international campaign requiring local numbers to maintain customer trust? Virtual numbers permit you to get an SMS from any place whenever, giving unrivaled adaptability contrasted with conventional versatile numbers.

Keep Your Privacy Intact

With virtual numbers, there’s a compelling reason to distribute your portable number, guaranteeing your protection remains positive. Whether you’re an internet-based customer excited about abstaining from showcasing calls or a business shielding its tasks from weaknesses, utilizing a virtual number to get SMS online is a canny protection decision.

Streamlining Made Simple

Virtual numbers simplify handling a high volume of SMS, making management a breeze. They eliminate the chaos of using multiple phones or SIM cards, streamlining all communication into one accessible online space. Efficiency incarnate!

The Cost-effective Choice

When you receive SMS online with a virtual number, you’re cutting costs – there’s no need for expensive hardware or exorbitant mobile plans. This cost-effective solution allows businesses and individuals to focus their resources where they’re truly needed – nurturing customer relationships and growing the enterprise.

Seamless Integration Unleashed

In today’s environment, where every second counts, integration can make or break your workflow. Virtual numbers enable easy integration with other online platforms, ensuring that communication flows seamlessly between services, be it CRM systems, email campaigns, or customer support services.

Introducing SMS-MAN – Your Ally in Virtual Numbers

SMS-MAN stands out when finding a reliable service provider for virtual numbers. They understand the importance of a dependable and seamless service when receiving SMS online. With a straightforward setup and an intuitive interface, SMS-MAN ensures even the least tech-savvy can make the most out of their virtual numbers.

Using SMS-MAN’s Website for Renting a Virtual Number

Screenshot 20240125 195643

Renting a virtual number from SMS-MAN is a simple process. It begins with creating an account on their platform. Once registered, users can browse through their extensive list of available virtual numbers, segmented by countries and mobile operators for convenience. 

After choosing the desired number, users are required to make a payment. Following payment confirmation, the virtual number is rented and ready for use. This number can receive SMS online worldwide, circumventing geographical limitations. 

The received messages can be accessed directly from the dashboard of the SMS-MAN account, ensuring privacy and simplicity. Renting a virtual number from SMS-MAN offers convenience and privacy and integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow.


What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual number is a phone number without a directly associated phone line. These numbers are often used to forward calls to other phone numbers.

How do Virtual Numbers Work?

Virtual numbers send calls to different numbers. You can get a virtual number for any nation or city to receive SMS online.

Is it Safe to Use a Virtual Number?

Yes, it is safe to use a virtual number. They provide an extra layer of privacy as you don’t need to give out your number.


Overall, receiving SMS online to virtual numbers offers many benefits that can’t be neglected. The advantages are clear, from protection and cost-productivity to simple integration and worldwide openness.

If you’re thinking about joining the positions of canny virtual number users, consider SMS-MAN as a partner in this journey. They offer robust support and reliable services that assist you with exploiting all that virtual numbers provide.


Gaining a business degree can lead to a variety of employment choices, from corporate management to entrepreneurship. But one of the most frequently asked questions from potential students is, “How long does it take to get a business degree?” This detailed guide covers the many business degrees available, the duration of each, and the factors that may impact how long it takes to complete a degree program.

Understanding Business Degrees

1. Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA)

The most typical undergraduate business degree is a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Normally, it takes four years to complete, although the time frame may change depending on things like whether you enroll full- or part-time and whether you may transfer credits.

2. Associate’s in Business

A two-year associate’s degree in business gives students a solid understanding of the field. It’s a great choice for people who want to enter the workforce more quickly or use it as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree.

Pursuing a Business Degree

1. Full-Time vs. Part-Time

The length of time it takes to get a business degree can vary depending on the study method you choose. In general, full-time students finish their degrees more quickly than part-time students.

2. Online Business Programs

Online business programs offer flexibility but may have varying completion times. Some students accelerate their progress, while others prefer a slower pace.

Specialized Business Degrees

3. Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

A Master’s in Business Administration is a graduate degree that typically takes two years to complete. However, there are accelerated MBA programs that can be finished in as little as one year.

4. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

A DBA is a doctoral-level business degree that can take anywhere from three to six years to complete, depending on the program and dissertation requirements.

Factors Affecting Degree Duration

 1. Transfer Credits

If you have prior college credits or completed coursework at another institution, you may be able to transfer credits, reducing the time needed to earn your degree.

2. Internships and Co-op Programs

Participating in internships or cooperative education (co-op) programs can extend your degree duration but provide valuable hands-on experience.

3. Dual Degrees

Some students pursue dual degrees, combining business with another field, which can increase the overall time spent in academia.

Accelerated Degree Options

1. Fast-Track Programs

Certain universities offer fast-track programs that allow students to complete their business degrees more quickly by taking extra courses each semester.

2. Credit by Examination

Some institutions grant credit by examination, enabling students to test out of certain courses and accelerate their degree progress.


In conclusion, depending on the type of degree, the manner of study, and personal circumstances, the time it takes to earn a business degree might vary greatly. A business degree is an excellent investment in your future career, whether you select a standard four-year programme or an accelerated one.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

 1. Can I earn a business degree faster by taking summer classes?

Yes, enrolling in summer classes can help you complete your degree more quickly, especially if you have a few courses left to finish.

2. Are online business degrees as respected as traditional ones?

Online business degrees from accredited institutions are highly respected in today’s job market. Employers value the skills and knowledge gained from online programs.

3. What is the difference between a BBA and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)?

Both are undergraduate business degrees, but a BBA typically has a more general curriculum, while a BSBA may offer more specialized tracks in areas like finance or marketing.

4. Can I work while pursuing a full-time MBA?

Many MBA programs are designed for working professionals and offer evening or weekend classes to accommodate your work schedule.

 5. How can I choose the right business degree program for my career goals?

Consider your career aspirations, preferred study mode, and time availability when selecting a business degree program. Research and consult with academic advisors for guidance.

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