Stocks of tech giants such as Oracle are the kind that many investors like to keep in their portfolios. Oracle, a database software and cloud company, is one of the most well-known companies in this sector. Many investors consider reasons to own oracle share price. First, Oracle is a company that has been investing for decades and seems able to withstand both economic troubles and industrial and technological upheavals. However, Oracle’s steady presence in a constantly changing world creates the image of a company that does not stop but adapts and innovates, and this is attractive to many investors. The strong Oracle brand product recognition and customer loyalty are also crucial attributes that enhance its attractiveness in terms of investing.

1.    A trusted brand name

Moreover, Oracle is not just any tech company but one of the major players in the sector that has been dominating the market for decades. The company’s extensive experience has allowed it to receive wide recognition and trust among the market players. Therefore, the Oracle brand is associated with stability and longevity, which is exactly what a prospective investor is looking for. Founded in the 1970s, Oracle has lived through the era of rapid digitalization and has continued to reinvent itself with each new development in the industry. I think such a resilient and adaptive company can only be characterized as a market leader that is capable of long-term investments.

2.    Diversified product offerings

Although Oracle is most renowned for having database software, it has expanded its products and services to cater to a larger customer base. Oracle develops cloud computing services, which include SaaS PaaS, and ERP solutions used by a broad array of customers. The company’s commitment to diversification reduces its dependence on a single market segment and may reduce investor risk.

3.    Strong financial performance

The first reason to consider investing in Oracle is the consistent financial performance of the company. Over the years, Oracle has been able to post exceptional revenue growth and profitability levels due to a strong, healthy, and robust balance sheet. That is, Oracle is well-placed to generate cash flows in the future. Thus, investors can be assured of considerable market variability, resilience, and continued returns.

4.    Focus on cloud computing

In the modern business environment, cloud computing is essential, making Oracle’s cloud services offering increasingly vital. If a large number of organizations across the globe adopt cloud services to meet their information technology needs, the demand for Oracle’s cloud services would definitely rise, boosting the company’s revenue and profitability significantly. Therefore, Oracle is indeed a lucrative investment considering the critical market segment it seems to target; hence, it is worthwhile.

5.    Shareholder-friendly practices

Oracle benefits from returning value to its shareholders in the form of share buybacks and dividends. Such an approach can provide another reason to invest in the company if a shareholder wishes to grow capital as well as receive income from the investment. This fact underlines that Oracle is in the long-term value-creation business.


Based on these reasons, it is imperative to carry out your research and determine the best investment approach aligning with your goals, risk appetite, and diversification with your portfolio, among others before purchasing the Oracle shares and adobe share price. A financial advisor would help structure your options within your views and circumstances.

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