If students in Pakistan want to make money without spending money, they have a large range of online careers to select from. Some of the most sought-after student free online jobs in Pakistan are listed below:

online job without investment

The list of internet jobs that are covered in depth below includes data entry, online surveys, affiliate marketing, freelance writing, and YouTube.

Freelance Writing:

Writing articles, blog posts, and other types of content for websites is a way for students to get money as freelance writers. Students can work as independent contractors, determining their own schedules and fees, with no investment necessary.

Online surveys:

Another alternative for students wishing to make money without investing is to do online surveys. Students can get money by completing surveys on websites that are offered by businesses and market research corporations.

Affiliate Marketing:

Students can make money by advertising the goods and services of other businesses via the practice of affiliate marketing. Through their own websites and social media accounts, students can advertise goods and services for no cost.

Data Entry:

Students can work from home on a straightforward internet job like data entry. There is no investment necessary for the work, which is inputting information into a computer system.

Online Tutoring:

Another choice for students wishing to make money without investing is online tutoring. Students can give their assistance as online tutors, assisting other students with their coursework while also making money.

Be youtuber:

Follow these instructions if you wished to establish a YouTube channel. Your YouTube career will benefit greatly from doing these actions.

  1. Pick a topic or niche for your channel that you are educated and enthusiastic about.
  2. Make a YouTube channel and configure it using a Google account.
  3. Develop compelling material that is pertinent to your target audience.
  4. Invest in top-notch tools like cameras, microphones, and editing software.
  5. Use tags, titles with keywords, and other search engine optimization techniques to make your movies more visible to users.
  6. Make use of social media and other internet channels to advertise your movies and channel.
  7.  Engage your audience by answering comments and coming up with community-building activities.
  8. Evaluate the effectiveness of your channel and modify your plan as necessary.

Keep in mind that YouTube success involves persistence, reliability, and hard effort.

Sell online classes:

  1. These are the indicates to take if you wanted to start offering classes online.
  2. Choose your area of expertise and write the syllabus for your online course.
  3. Create engaging video classes and supplementary resources, such as handouts, presentations, and tests.
  4. Pick a website like Teachable, Udemy, or Thinkific to host your online course.
  5. Decide on a fee for your course and set up a payment procedure on the site you’ve selected.
  6. Design a website or landing page to advertise your course and showcase its advantages.
  7. To enhance exposure for your class and generate visitors to your landing page, use social media and other online marketing techniques.
  8. To persuade students to join in your class, provide incentives like prizes, discounts, and promotions.
  9. Constantly update and enhance your curriculum to keep it current and interesting for pupils.

To draw and keep students, you must properly market your online course. Make sure to emphasise the benefits of your course and make this clear to prospective students.

Start a blog:

These are the procedures to take if you wanted to create a blog.

  1. Decide on a blogging platform, such as Squarespace, Blogger, or WordPress.
  2. Pick a distinctive, simple-to-spell, and niche-appropriate domain name for your site.
  3. Create your blog and tailor the look, feel, and functionality to reflect your voice and brand.
  4. Create relevant, high-quality material that is in line with your specialty and target market.
  5. Make use of SEO strategies to raise your blog’s exposure and position in search results.
  6. Use email marketing, social media, and other internet methods to advertise your blog.
  7. Engage your audience by reacting to comments and providing chances for participation.
  8. Constantly assess and enhance the functionality, content, and layout of your blog.

While blogging requires time and effort, it can be a rewarding and successful platform for sending your ideas, experiences, and knowledge to a large audience. These are free online employment opportunities for students in Pakistan.

Online jobs offer several benefits for students:


Online employment enables students to work whenever and from wherever they want, which is advantageous for individuals with demanding academic schedules or other responsibilities.


Students have the option to explore their interests and discover a profession that fits their talents and enthusiasm thanks to the variety of online employment that are accessible, from writing and graphic design to customer service and virtual teaching.

Potential for income: Numerous well-paying online jobs can offer students a reliable source of income to help defray the cost of tuition and other costs.

Career experience:

Students who work online can develop important skills and experience that they can utilize to advance their professions in the future.

Networking opportunities:

Online employment frequently entails communicating with clients and coworkers from different countries, which can assist students in growing their professional networks and forming connections with experts in their sector.

In general, online employment may be a great method for students to balance their education and other obligations while earning money, gaining experience, and building their careers.

How much can students earn from online jobs?

Depending on the sort of work, the applicant’s degree of expertise, and the number of hours they put in, students can make a variety of sums from online employment. Typical internet occupations for students include the following:

  1. Writing and content creation: Depending on the length, intricacy, and subject matter of their work, students can earn anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars each article or project.
  2. Online tutoring: Depending on the subject they teach and their degree of competence, tutors can make between $10 and $50 per hour.
  3. Depending on the length and difficulty of the question, students can earn anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars for each online survey they complete.
  4. Freelance graphic design: Depending on their degree of expertise and the difficulty of the projects they work on, graphic designers can make anywhere from $20 to $100 per hour.
  5. Customer service: Students who work as customer service representatives can earn between $8 and $20 per hour, depending on the company they work for and their level of experience.

It’s important to keep in mind that the market for online jobs can be competitive and that students may need to start with lower-paying positions to acquire experience and build their skills before they can earn more.


In conclusion, Pakistani students can locate a variety of online jobs without having to devote any money. Whether they are interested in data entry, affiliate marketing, data writing, freelance writing, online surveys, or online teaching, there are methods for students to earn money without having to spend their own money. Do your research on the companies and prospects you work with to ensure that they are reputable and pay well.

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