In gaming, tracking your game’s performance is critical, with frames per second (FPS) being an essential metric. FPS gauges the fluidity of your gameplay. Displaying FPS in games like Counter-Strike 2 can help pinpoint performance issues and optimize your gameplay. This article will introduce two easy methods to show FPS CS2.

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In first-person shooters, the importance of FPS is huge. Ensuring the best FPS in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) can significantly improve your gaming experience and performance.

In this article, we’ll guide you through two simple methods to show FPS CS2.

Methods to Make CS2 Show FPS

Method 1: Using Steam Overlay

The first method involves the use of Steam. Your FPS can be displayed as part of the Steam overlay. To do this, open Steam, navigate to Steam settings, and then to the In-game tab. Here, you will find the ‘In-game FPS counter high contrast color’ option. Activating this will show FPS CS2 at a more average level. The position of this display on your screen can be chosen via the ‘In-game FPS counter’ option, located directly above.

Method 2: Direct FPS Counter CS2

The second method allows you to view a direct FPS counter in the game itself. Although it’s a bit more intrusive and the number fluctuates rapidly, it’s quite straightforward. To use this, open the game, ensure your console is enabled in settings, and access it by pressing the “`” key. Type “cl_showfps 1” into the console and hit enter. Quite simple, right?

Additional Options

If you utilize third-party software like the highly-regarded MSI Afterburner, you will find that such programs often offer a variety of useful features. Notably, one of these features is often the ability to display real-time Frames Per Second (FPS) count. This FPS counter is a crucial tool for performance monitoring, allowing you to maintain constant awareness of your gameplay’s fluidity and performance. As a result, even while deeply engaged in your game, you can ensure your gaming experience is smooth and interruption-free.


These methods should assist you to show FPS CS2, ensuring a smooth and successful gaming experience. In conclusion, monitoring your FPS in CS2 is crucial as it allows you to detect performance issues and optimize your gameplay. You can use Steam, the in-game console, or a third-party software based on your preference. Regular monitoring of your FPS is essential to guarantee the best gaming experience. Consider additional resources like u7buy to further improve your gameplay. With the knowledge of how to display your FPS, you’re now ready to significantly boost your CS2 performance. Don’t forget to check U7BUY to buy CSGO boosting. Happy gaming!