So far, virtual reality casinos are not so common and this has a very logical reason – few people have virtual reality glasses since this accessory is quite expensive. But nowadays there are more and more new models not only with improved features, but also in a cheaper price segment. For this reason, it makes no sense for providers who provide their games, for example, live blackjack in online casinos to invest so much money in the development of appropriate games, but the future is not far off. In the last few years, this area has developed so much that virtual reality in casinos will become commonplace faster than we could have expected.

What is the virtual reality in casinos that exists today?

Currently, there are several virtual reality casino options. As a rule, to play such games in an online casino, you need to download the package to your computer, Playstation, Meta Quest or Steam platform. Then you can start playing. Thus, the player sees not only the premises and rooms of the virtual casino, but can also communicate with other players as in real casinos, after that you can go to the slots to play. Some games go so far that you can even use the casino bar, walk around the huge room and look at the interior, look in the bathroom mirror, change the avatar that is shown to other people and even gesture.

Live casino vs. VR Casinos: differences and similarities

If we had to describe how an online casino works, we could say that it is a real game that takes place somewhere in the world and is broadcast live so that people can bet on every game. In a sense, virtual reality can be considered a step forward compared to real-time games. They have several characteristics in common: both are a product of gambling and both facilitate interaction between participants, creating the feeling that they are in a real casino. However, they are not the same. The main difference is due to randomness. If in an online casino players can see and hear the element that creates a chance (cards, dice or roulette), then in VR games this happens using an algorithm. In addition, there may or may not be a real dealer in virtual reality with whom you can interact.

Access devices: cardboard and virtual reality glasses.

Unlike augmented reality, which depends solely on a mobile phone, VR is a bit more complicated and requires a special input device. At the moment, there are three main options to bring players closer to virtual reality. The first and simplest are glasses made of cardboard or other materials in which you can put your phone.

This is an economical and simple option, which is equipped with special lenses through which you will look at the screen of your smartphone. Although cardboard is affordable and easy to find, it lacks many features and does not offer an experience that could not be compared to what this technology has to offer.

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What should we expect in this field in future?

The launch of Apple Pro glasses emphasized the significance of staying connected to devices. Sparked interest in the expanding of "reality. Notable choices for glasses that allow interaction with the surroundings include Apple Pro, Meta Quest 3 and Microsoft Hololens 2 among others. These innovative devices could revolutionize the casino experience by enhancing gameplay engagement with the environment offering a lifelike setting. For instance they could transform your dining table into a roulette or blackjack setup.

While no one can accurately foresee what lies ahead should reality and mixed reality glasses gain popularity among consumers it's plausible that we may witness a surge in online virtual reality or mixed reality casinos. Presently such options are limited compared to the array of games available on the web. In essence as more individuals acquire access to virtual reality glasses we might expect a rise in casinos leveraging this technology.

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