As years go by, it becomes more obvious that it’s vital to reward online casino players since there is fierce competition. That’s why there are so many loyalty programs on different online platforms. However, not all legislation systems approve of it. Numerous legislators don’t like how online casinos behave with their high rollers. This has brought a new wave of tighter regulation.

Player retention makes a huge difference for online gambling platforms. If we take a look at n1 bet casino and other reputable platforms, we can see that casino operators take the concept of player retention very seriously. As there are many other platforms where unhappy players can go, well-developed loyalty programs become more and more indispensable.

There are also special programs for VIP players. According to VIP programs, players get more benefits as they make huge deposits and play more often and longer than usual players. In recent years, VIP program management has become the subject of controversy between casinos and regulators.

On opposite sides of the barricades

Everywhere you look, there is special treatment for VIP clients. There are lots of industries that are ready to offer a more exclusive service to people who can afford that. The simplest example is the treatment of VIP clients among various airlines. Rich clients can afford to buy business class tickets where they can get a more varied package of services, as well as an increased level of comfort. On top of it, such customers can take part in bonus programs, accumulate points, and get other exclusive services.

The iGaming industry is no different. Different loyalty programs depend on the players’ status. Such programs bring even more excitement to the gaming experience. Clients can get deposit bonuses, free spins, and other benefits.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise that online casinos make more money on VIP clients. As a result, they are more valuable to the industry. That’s why their retention is a priority. However, legislators believe that they are more prone to risk than other players. Therefore, legislators in different parts of the world tighten regulation. This is about gambling-related issues and addiction. Picture1

Reasonable efforts

Most online casinos take practically the same measures against players’ irresponsible behavior and addiction risks. However, some casinos hire VIP managers who keep a closer look at special clients.

Besides providing round-the-clock assistance, these managers also have to establish personal contacts with VIP customers. Such an approach allows managers to assess players’ conditions better if problem signs become more evident. If there are some red flags, managers teach different self-discipline tactics and can suggest some self-exclusion measures.

However, some governing authorities believe that it’s not enough. There are cases when casino operators get huge fines for their inability to show social responsibility. Betway received a citation of more than £11,5 billion for their lack of social responsibility and failure to carry out timely anti-money laundering checks. As regulations become tighter, online casino operators should implement new safety and security measures.

What operators can do 

The only reasonable thing casino operators can do is to provide governing authorities with more transparency. They can do the following things:

1.    Provide better player behavior monitoring

Operators can introduce advanced algorithms that can factor in different indicators like expenditure level, significant spikes in sums, and frequency of making deposits. Any suspicious activity will become promptly visible. That’s how operators can start taking necessary measures without wasting time.

2.    Encourage responsible behavior

Besides investing money into huge advertising campaigns that attract plenty of players, operators can also focus their marketing strategies on promoting responsible behavior. Operators can introduce a system of reminders that will help players take more conscious steps. Moreover, there should be an accessible section where players can read about how a casino can help them fight irresponsible behavior.

3.    Cooperate with legislators

They can establish a proactive approach instead of dealing with consequences. Operators can contribute to the development of a database of problem and self-excluded players in locations where there are no national registries. Such databases can become available for all casino operators so that if a person is banned from one platform, they cannot visit another platform.


Governing authorities become more concerned about the way online casino operators monitor their VIP clients’ behavior. If there’s no cooperation between legislators and operators, the latter can face huge fines. That’s why online casinos should take a more serious approach towards their social responsibility.

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