During the intermittent fasting, the blood sugar drops significantly leading to excessive cravings. Under this situation, people could get desires for particular beverages and foods. When it comes to select drinks, there is a lot of misunderstanding about which ones can be included in your drink list. Now, the majority of fitness enthusiasts who practice intermittent fasting often wonder what to drink and what not to. As we all know, traditional intermittent refers to cutting carbs and calories. So, this article will enlighten you about a few drinks that may interfere with your fast and have an unfavorable impact. So, without further ado, let’s explore deep into the beverages that you should never have during fasting.

Drinks to Avoid During Fast

Here are top 5 drinks that one should avoid while on intermittent fasting.

Coconut Water

We all know that coconut water has been in our food list for centuries and is good for health. It helps one to detoxify the body with its antioxidants. Even though it provides nutritions and keeps the body hydrated, it’s not compatible for fasting. It includes high natural sugar, which means it has carbohydrates. So, having this drink during fasting may throw you out of your fast. However, you can drink this when you break your fast and take the post-fast meal.

Diet Coke

The increased popularity of intermittent fasting has also led to the demand for diet cokes. That’s why, people often ask the question, does diet coke break a fast?. Well, if you want good results, you must avoid this drink. Your fast may not break if the coke doesn’t contain any carbohydrates or calories. It will not trigger the insulin. However, if you intake a diet coke with carbohydrates, your body will get back to the fed stage. Furthermore, it may get thrown out of ketosis. Furthermore, more than one coke a day can have adverse effects on your gut health during intermittent fasting. Some diet cokes include caffeine in them. This may affect your sleep. And while on intermittent fasting, you need enough sleep to stay healthy. Having it close to bedtime is a terrible thing. 


We all know alcohol is not suitable for overall health. But, if you are having cravings for alcohol, then it’s wrong while on a fast. When you are doing intermittent fasting, your stomach remains empty due to not having any solid food. It’s therefore improper to consume it on an empty stomach. Furthermore, alcohols include artificial sweeteners as well. This means it includes carbs, which is the opposite thing for fasting. Due to being overly processed and artificially sweetened, it affects your gut health. The good bacteria in your gut have a harmful impact. It may further lower your metabolism as well.

Milk Drinks

Any type of milk drink, like cappuccino, latte, or milkshake, is not allowed during intermittent fasting. Milk, although a healthy thing, is not suitable for fasting. All types of cow milk consist of lactose, an all-natural all-natural sugar. It also includes fat, carbs, and protein. Having any milk-related drink during the fast will increase the insulin level and trigger the metabolism. Hence, you must drink milk while on intermittent fasting.

Fruit Juice

While you are fasting intermittently, the glucose and blood sugar level decreases. This way, the insulin level stays controlled, which is suitable for people with type 2 diabetes. Fruit juice includes many free sugars, which can increase insulin resistance. This can have adverse effects on your intermittent fasting by throwing you out of ketosis. Insulin resistance may increase, and people may gain weight, while the main reason for fasting is to lose weight. 

Impact of the Drinks on Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting refers to zero calorie and carb intake for various hours. There are 16:8 hours of intermittent fasting and 48 hours of intermittent fasting. This means you have to abstain from any kind of food for 16 and 48 hours. This also includes any kind of beverage. Any kind of carb or calorie consumption needs to be avoided. 

Thus, while on the fast for so long, the body enters ketosis to use the fats as an alternative energy system. During intermittent fasting, staying within the ketosis stage is very important. This process is the main reason one loses weight so fast.

So, in this scenario, when you have cravings for a drink and think about soda, milk, almond milk, coconut water, or alcohol, it becomes questionable. There is no doubt saying that these drinks include carbs and calories. It will break the fast and have adverse impacts on overall health.


So, it’s proven that these drinks are unsuitable for intermittent fasting. It can break your fast and has several adverse effects. That’s why you can have something healthy if you crave beverages during your fast. Many good alternatives include mineral water, lemon water, black coffee, seltzer, flavored water, green tea, and herbal tea. These drinks will help you get good results. So, avoid the mentioned drinks. You don’t want to break your fast, right?

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