Nonprofit grants are a significant source of revenue for nonprofits. Resource planning becomes much easier when a nonprofit expects to get a grant. Knowing what type of nonprofit grant you want to apply for will dramatically improve your chances of receiving one.

Grants offer tremendous funding opportunities for nonprofits looking to scale. If you get the proper grant, you may be able to secure the funds you need to run and grow your organization for the following year. However, because grants are in such high demand, obtaining them requires a certain level of expertise.

While grantmaking presents appealing opportunities, grant applications can be time-consuming for both grant writers and nonprofit organizations. Pick your grants carefully to avoid wasting time chasing other worthwhile fundraising options.

Below, we’ll cover everything you need about nonprofit grants, including eligibility requirements, how to choose the proper ones, and the best grant alternatives for 2024.

What Are Nonprofit Grants?

Nonprofit grants are like significant donations from foundations, governments, or companies. They are often tax-exempt and come with rules on how to use them. However, a trend towards trust-based philanthropy aims to change this dynamic, emphasizing collaboration and understanding nonprofits’ needs. To secure 2024 grants for non-profit organizations, clearly highlight your impact and plans in proposals.

 Nonprofit Grants

Explore These 17 Nonprofit Grants in 2024.

Here are 17 nonprofit grants you should explore in 2024, categorized by focus area to help you find the perfect fit for your organization:

Tech Support

  1. AWS for Nonprofits IMAGINE Grants:

Focus: Cloud computing resources for eligible charities worldwide.

Details: Amplify your impact by receiving free credits for data analysis, storage, application development, and other cloud-based solutions that streamline operations and empower your organization.

  1. Google Ad Grants:

Focus: Free advertising credits for promoting your cause on Google Search.

Details: Expand your reach and attract new donors and volunteers with valuable advertising credits from Google. Promote your programs and initiatives to a wider audience searching for causes they care about.

Community Development

community development

  1. NBCUniversal Local Impact Grants:

Focus: Supporting positive change in communities.

Details: Does your organization address education, health, diversity, or environmental issues that make a real difference in your local area? Apply for an NBCUniversal Local Impact Grant to secure funding for these critical community development initiatives.

 Global Impact

  1. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grants:

Focus: Tackling global challenges in health, poverty reduction, and education.

Details: The Gates Foundation offers grants to nonprofits making significant changes worldwide in these areas.

  1. Bloomberg Philanthropies Grants:

Focus: Public health, climate change, and government innovation.

Details: Michael Bloomberg founded this group, which works for various important causes. If your nonprofit focuses on improving government performance and efficiency, reducing the effects of climate change, or addressing issues related to public health, apply for financing.

Financial Empowerment

  1. Charles Schwab Foundation Grants:

Focus: Financial literacy education and job training.

Details: The Charles Schwab Foundation funds nonprofits providing job training and financial literacy education for financial empowerment.

Environment & Arts

  1. Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Grants:

Focus: Environmental protection, medical research, and performing arts.

Details: The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation’s goals are broad. If your nonprofit is committed to promoting artistic expression through performing arts programs, medical research, or environmental conservation, you should consider requesting a grant.

  1. Emerson Collective Grants:

Focus: Climate change, education, and criminal justice reform.

Details: Emerson Collective tackles critical societal issues. If your organization seeks positive social change in criminal justice reform, educational equity, or climate change mitigation, apply for a grant.

Education & Human Rights


  1. Ford Foundation Grants:

Focus: Economic development, education, and human rights.

Details:  A longstanding global foundation, Ford awards grants to nonprofits working on core issues like economic development, fostering educational opportunities, and protecting human rights.  Apply for funding if your organization aligns with these focus areas.

  1. The J. Paul Getty Trust Grants:

Focus: Art appreciation, preservation, and history.

Details: The J. Paul Getty Trust prioritizes supporting art museums and organizations dedicated to art history, conservation efforts, and arts education. If your nonprofit falls within these categories and works to cultivate appreciation for the arts, consider applying for a grant.

  1. Henry Luce Foundation Grants:

Focus: Theology, Asian studies, and higher education.

Details: The Henry Luce Foundation prioritizes specific areas of study. Apply for a grant if your nonprofit conducts research offers educational programs, or promotes understanding in theology, Asian studies, or higher education.

Individual & Organizational Excellence


  1. MacArthur Foundation Grants:

Focus: Innovative and impactful work across various fields.

Details: The MacArthur Foundation is known for awarding grants to talented individuals and organizations pursuing innovative work. If your nonprofit fosters creativity and tackles essential issues uniquely, a MacArthur grant could be a game-changer, recognizing and supporting your groundbreaking approach.

Regional Focus

  1. Meyer Memorial Trust Grants:

Focus: Education, environment, and arts & culture in the Pacific Northwest.

Details: The Meyer Memorial Trust focuses on specific regional needs in the Pacific Northwest. Apply for a grant if your organization positively impacts Oregon and Washington by addressing educational equity and environmental sustainability or fostering vibrant arts and cultural experiences within these communities.

Global Initiatives 

  1. Open Society Foundations Grants:

Focus: Democracy, human rights, and public health initiatives globally.

Details: Established by George Soros, the Open Society Foundations network supports crucial issues worldwide. Apply for funding if your nonprofit tackles challenges in democracy, human rights protection, or public health, working to make a more just and healthier world.

  1. Rockefeller Foundation Grants:

Focus: Global health, science, and arts & culture initiatives.

Details: One of the oldest and largest philanthropies, the Rockefeller Foundation, funds many global initiatives. Consider applying for a grant if your nonprofit is making significant contributions to global health, scientific advancement, or arts and culture, with the potential to create lasting positive change.

Sustainability & Justice

  1. Surdna Foundation Grants:

Focus: Environmental sustainability, economic justice, and cultural equity.

Details: The Surdna Foundation prioritizes interconnected issues. Apply for a grant if your nonprofit addresses environmental sustainability promotes economic justice initiatives or works towards achieving cultural equity.

  1. Wallace Foundation Grants:

Focus: Educational equity and improvement in K-12 education.

Details: The Wallace Foundation is dedicated to aiding K–12 educational equity and advancement. If your organization focuses on reducing the achievement gap, enhancing instructional strategies, or developing a more equal learning environment for all kids, consider submitting a grant application.


Securing furnish investment is essential for nonprofits to make a significant impact and do proper matters. Many unique presents are available from big foundations like Ford and Gates, governments, and corporations.

Applying for offers may be challenging, but if you are suited, you have a better chance to meet funders’ wishes and display the outcomes you have. These offers in 2024 will facilitate nonprofits beginning new tasks, collaborating with others, and tackling massive issues like training, health, the environment, and fairness.

Grants deliver money but help percentage ideas and make new things appear, all aimed at making the sector higher. Going after these possibilities allows nonprofits to do even more excellent correct stuff that lasts.

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