Here’s one thing everyone gets wrong about intermittent fasting. They think they cannot eat ANYTHING during the fasting period. This is true, but not quite. There are quite a few things you can eat to keep your body nourished while fasting. At the same time, it takes careful planning and research to figure out what you can eat.

For example, you can make an effort to find the best coffee creamer for intermittent fasting that won’t break your fast. You can consume only black coffee if you wish to stay calorie-free. For more examples like this and to learn which foods you can eat during your fast, read on.

Foods to Eat While Fasting

The fact that you have started fasting but have come to this blog to learn what you can eat shows you are hungry. This isn’t wrong – in fact, it’s good that your body is showing you what it wants and you are listening.

“I used to starve myself for 16 entire hours because I was fasting. My stomach would rumble and I would get frequent cramps. Only later did I learn to listen to my body and eat if I wanted to. You are fasting to improve your health; not make it worse,” said a teenage girl following intermittent fasting based in the USA.

Without further ado, here are the best foods and beverages to have while fasting to keep your routine intact:

Black Coffee

Without any additional sweeteners or creamers, black coffee is a calorie-free choice that gives your metabolism a boost from caffeine. Furthermore, coffee can improve fat burning and raise metabolic rate.

This makes it a perfect partner for fasters, especially with the right creamer for intermittent fasting. There are various creamers that come without sugar and caloric content, so just be aware of your caffeine sensitivity and steer clear of overindulging. An overdose of coffee just because you are hungry can make you jittery or sleepless.

Herbal Tea

Tea is low in calories and doesn’t interfere with your fast. You could have some ginger tea, cardamom tea, chamomile tea, green tea, and more based on your preference. Try out several tea combinations to determine which ones best suit your palate and improve your fasting experience.

Water – Cold or Hot

It doesn’t matter if you drink cold or warm water. It won’t interfere with your body’s processes while fasting. Some people avoid ice water or boiling water. In reality, your hydration is what matters most. You can even have vitamin water, electrolyte water, or water with lemon and mint if you prefer those options.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This simple beverage has the power to make you reduce weight and follow healthy digestion. During your fasting phase, add a tablespoon with a glass of water to lower blood sugar.

This step will also help you feel more full like you ate an actual meal. Its acidity can also give your drinks a tangy taste without drastically increasing the number of calories. It is almost equivalent to using a creamer for intermittent fasting to make your coffee taste more interesting.

Bonus Options

Here is a treat for you – 4 extra dishes you can have during your fasting period. You can have seeds, nuts, dry fruits, and bone broth among many other options during your fast without worrying about breaking it.

To feel healthy and fit, go for nuts and dry fruits like almonds and dates. Bone broth will give you collagen and amino acids to stay satiated. But whatever you eat, go for a homemade version to avoid additives or sodium content in your meal.


You don’t need to forcefully starve your body during your fast if you wish to eat. But be sure to do your research so you eat meals that don’t break your fast. Go for the best coffee creamers for intermittent fasting to ensure you stay satiated without compromising your fast.

Have herbal teas and warm bone broth to stay full and nourished. And of course, eat nuts and seeds while staying mindful of portion sizes. This can go a long way and make you feel healthy and full during your fast.


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