Upcycling is an eco-friendly method of creatively converting greeting cards into everyday items. Repurposing greeting cards is not a new concept. But it keeps advancing and gaining popularity. As the world becomes conscious of the planet’s health, the need to invest in eco-friendly solutions arises. 

Upcycling breathes fresh life into outdated materials, and greeting cards have become integral in this ecological movement. Repurpose the once-cherished greeting cards forgotten in your recycling bins and drawers into valuable items. You can create everything from intricate collages to gift tags and more. The following five creative ways are creative ways for upcycling old greeting cards. 

  1. Coasters  

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Coasters are decorative items used in homes and offices to protect surfaces from condensation and heat impact. You can build your coasters from metal, cork, ceramic, or wood. DIY enthusiasts can turn their greeting cards into coasters of diverse sizes and shapes. Collect the items for building the coasters, including scissors, old greeting cards, a ruler, clear adhesive, and laminate sheets. Cut the cards into the desired sizes of 10x10cm. 


Prepare the laminate sheet and peel off the backing from one side of the laminate sheet. Place the adhesive side before the greeting card and trim it to size. Seal the coasters and trim extra laminate to create a perfect seal. Shorten the process of creating coasters by buying recycled card options online. They come in diverse shapes, sizes, and types. 

  1. Postcards  

Another impressive invention of greeting cards is postcards. Cut and compose more giant greeting cards into slimmer cards, usable as postcards. Trim the cards into postcard-size of about 10 x 15 centimeters and create personalized versions. You can add the recipient address or an emblem unique to your brand. Postcards from greeting cards offer numerous advantages, including the sentimental value of initial greeting cards. 

These cards offer a distinctive touch and make the inventions feel more special and authentic. They are unusual mementos for the recipient and the sender. Repurposed postcards drive home your message and create positive vibes for the recipients. Use these cards to light up their day with brilliant messages. Cards repurposed from greeting cards add charisma to the correspondence. 

  1. Decoupage 

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Decoupage is a creative and versatile technique for decorating objects. It involves using adhesives to adhere fabric and paper pieces to decorative objects. Seal the creation with glue or varnish layers and add colorful designs and sentimental messages. Select the ideal surface, including a glass jar, wooden box, or picture frame, and clean and dry it thoroughly.  

Cut best-size motifs and designs from outdated greeting cards. Use craft punches and scissors to trim the objects into unique sizes and shapes. Experiment with diverse arrangements of cut-out pieces of the chosen surfaces until satisfied with the creation. Use Mod Podge or Decoupage glue to stick together the resultant cut-out pieces onto the surface. Consider applying a thin glue layer to both sides of the paper piece. 

  1. Mini Notebooks 

Repurposing greeting cards into mini notebooks is a practical way to create charming items. Choose the cards to recycle into mini notebooks. You need cards with appealing configurations and sturdy masks. Use a paper trimmer and scissors to slice the cards into sizes, preferably 4×6 inches. You can trim tinier sizes if you feel like it. Use a single-hole puncher to build holes along the card boundary, separating them evenly. The reasonable no of holes relies primarily on the notebook size and binding strategy. 

Stack your hole-punched and trimmer card together to develop the notebook pages. The edges should align neatly to construct a more noteworthy notebook. Cut the twine or ribbon negligibly longer than the notebook pinnacle and then thread it through the gaps in the card. Begin from the exterior and intertwine through the interior side. Secure a bump or tangle to clasp the porters together. Carefully trim the excess cord or stripe to leave a small tail when necessary. 

Creatives can decorate the mini notebook surface with more embellishments. These might include graphics, stickers, and seals. Your upcycled mini notebook is ready, and you can use it to jot down ideas, notes, and sketches. 

  1. Ornaments 

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The more creative and effective way of repurposing greeting cards is by turning them into ornaments. Choose greeting cards with designs that allow cutting into unique shapes and festive motifs, including hearts and stars. Use templates and cookie cutters to trace shapes onto cards easily. Cut the outlines from your old greeting card with a craft knife or scissors. Ensure the scrapes are clean and precise for a more stunning adornment. 

Using a hole puncher, create a tiny hole at the top section of every shape. Thread the ribbon and string where you will hang the ornaments. Trim the ribbon or string to the requisite size to conform to your embellishment hanging needs.  

Thread your string through holes in every adornment and tie a bow or knot at the top section. DIY fanatics looking to prosper the appearance of the cards can further adorn the cards using sequins, glitter, and other widespread decorations. 

You have created your dream upcycled greeting card adornment, valid for assorted applications. Set it up on your Christmas tree or any other site in your home to make that remarkable design. Transforming obsolete greeting cards into adornments infuses holiday sets with handmade fervency and nostalgic charisma. Remember, ornaments carry great sentimental value and stories. 

Wrapping Up 

Upcycling greeting cards is a creative and sustainable way of building value from aged items. It is an excellent strategy for expressing your inventive mastery and being part of the climate conservation crusade. Use these imaginative methods to transform greeting cards into everyday items, including adornments, coasters, notebooks, and postcards. These sentimental tickets hold incredible significance and can settle most life difficulties. 

Upscaling greeting cards mandates time and investment in terms of resources. You might have to assemble the greeting cards from friends and family if you do not have them. The glues, scissors, and other devices required in the invention cost money. Invest wisely and think outside the box when searching for the correct items.

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