Entrepreneur means the individuals who initiate and runs a new business scheme.

In Urdu, this time can be explained as “منتظم” , “کارانداز” ,“کاروباری” ,“خود کام کرنے والا”

In this blog, I will explain about Entrepreneur Meaning in Urdu, Entrepreneur Meaning In English, and Some examples For Entrepreneurs.

اصطلاح “انٹرپرینیور” سے مراد وہ فرد ہے جو ایک نئے کاروباری منصوبے کا آغاز اور نگرانی کرتا ہے۔

what is entrepreneurship in urdu

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Entrepreneur Meaning in Urdu

Entrepreneur Meaning In English & Definition

Entrepreneurs are those who take on difficulties and are responsible for starting, managing, and growing new businesses. Their aptitude for innovative thought, resiliency, and unshakable determination to achieve distinguish them. Entrepreneurs contribute significantly to promoting economic growth and creating job possibilities via their work.

Entrepreneurs are visionary people who aren’t scared to boldly and resolutely pursue their ambitions. They have a profound awareness of the market and their target audience, and they use this insight to create cutting-edge goods and services.

Origin of Entrepreneur

The term “entrepreneur meaning in Urdu” has its origins in the French language, where it was first used to those engaged in economic endeavours in the late 1600s. With time, the term’s definition grew to encompass those who are prepared to take the risk of starting and running a new company venture in order to make money and promote growth.

How To Spell Entrepreneur

You’re right; the word “entrepreneur” is spelt with a double “r” and a double “e.” It’s a frequent blunder to spell it incorrectly as “entrepeneur” or “entreprenuer.” Spelling correctly is crucial in written communication, especially in business and professional settings. “Entrepreneur” should be pronounced [ahn-truh-pruh-nur, -noo r; French ahn-truh-pruh-noer] correctly.

Tags for the Entry “Entrepreneur Meaning”

Here are some possible tags for the entry “Entrepreneur Meaning”:

TagTags meaning
Entrepreneurshipکاروبار کو فروغ
Startupsاسٹارٹ اپس
Risk-takingخطرہ مول لینا
Economic growthاقتصادی ترقی
Job creationملازمت کی تخلیق
French originفرانسیسی نژاد
Business managementکاروبار کے انتظام
Tags for the Entry “entrepreneur in urdu

Antonyms For Entrepreneur Meaning, Opposite To Entrepreneur

Depending on the context and meaning of the phrase, there are a number different ways to approach antonyms for “entrepreneur.” Here are some potential examples:

AntonymsAntonyms Urdu meaning
Conservativeقدامت پسند
Risk-averseخطرے سے بچنے والا
Traditionalistروایت پسند
Skepticشک کرنے والا
Conformistموافقت پسند
Antonyms For “entrepreneur in urdu”

The meanings and implications of these terms vary, thus they might not necessarily be the precise opposites of “entrepreneur.”

Synonyms For Entrepreneur In Urdu

Here are some possible synonyms for “entrepreneur”:

SynonymsSynonyms urdu meaning
Business ownerکاروبار کا مالک
Innovatorاختراع کرنے والا
Risk-takerخطرہ مول لینے والا
Self-starterسیلف اسٹارٹر
Businesspersonکاروباری شخص
Startup founderاسٹارٹ اپ بانی
Trailblazerٹریل بلیزر
Entrepreneurial leaderکاروباری رہنما
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)سی ای او (چیف ایگزیکٹو آفیسر)
Synonyms For Entrepreneur In Urdu

Keep in mind that these terms have varying degrees of significance and are not necessarily precise equivalents for “entrepreneur.”

Some examples For Entrepreneur

Certainly, here are some examples of businesses that an entrepreneur could start:

Of course, an entrepreneur might launch the following enterprises as examples:

A social media marketing firm, to start.

2. A mobile catering service or food truck

3. An online store for goods

4. a business that creates software

5. A center for health and wellness

6. A virtual event coordinating and planning service

7. A firm that offers private coaching or counselling

8. A provider of renewable energy

9. A service that cleans and organizes homes

10. A cafe or coffee shop with a speciality.

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