Pakistan is one of the emerging markets for digital technology.  So, The interest is only starting to increase. However, some Pakistani are no 1 hacker in Pakistan and remotely work on google, Facebook and other famous internet platforms.

Before starting a list, let’s have a discussion about it

The basic ideas of Ethical Hackers in Pakistan.

Cybersecurity is becoming a serious problem on a global scale. Because, the number of threats and their complexity rise, day by day. It is one of the most skills in demand on the internet.

If you want to become 1 hacker in Pakistan. So, you have clear the concepts of fundamental ideas in areas like operating systems, networking, web applications, system design, programming, databases, and other related fields before joining the subject of security.

Furthermore, these concepts serve as the cornerstones of a strong foundation. However, a genuine desire to study, investigate, and learn new things are the requirement to become a professional ethical hacker. You may create your own hacking tools by automating the process, which not only saves time but also allows you to stop depending on third-party hacking tools.

The scope of an Ethical Hacker in Pakistan

you can search for remote jobs on Freelancing Platforms like fiver, and Upwork. In addition, many business firms hire ethical hackers allowing businesses to scan their networks and computer systems for flaws.  As a hostile hacker would, they attempt to break into the system to do this. Nevertheless, they notify the company about their discoveries and solve them.

Here are the most notorious top 5 ethical hacker lists in Pakistan.

Rafay Baloch

Rafay Baloch is no 1 hacker in Pakistan and a cyber security researcher. He was born in 1993. Furthermore, He has done B.Sc Hons. (Computer science) from Baharia university Karachi. In addition, The university placed his graduation degree in the Hall of fame to honour.

Moreover, He publish a book named “Ethical Hacking Penetration Testing Handbook.”   This book demonstrates how to use and evaluate for conducting a penetration test. Furthermore, the mordent hacking tools are also used to evaluate.

All Famous Journals are written on him Named, Forbes, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, and The Express Tribune. He discovered many weaknesses in Google, safari, Microsoft, and Android OS. And the hacker can easily access your device.

In addition, Rafay received an award from Pakistan Named “Pride of Pakistan “for his contribution to the cyber field. He also currently working as a cyber-security advisor In Pakistan.

Shahmeer Amir

Shahmeer Amir is a well-known bug hunter and Pakistan best hacker. Moreover, He is currently ranked one of the top bug finders. He was born in 2001. Furthermore, He has done in Electrical engineering from Hamdard university.

He also wrote a book named “Bug bounty for dummies”. In this book, He guides on how to discover weaknesses in various security systems and control them, before notifying the organization. Moreover, these companies also reward them.

He founded Veliliux, a startup assistance firm that helps organizations safeguard their assets and increase their security. Furthermore, He is currently working with more than 400 organizations. He is well renowned for finding flaws like Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter.

In addition, He is also serving as the Ministry of Finance of Pakistan’s Cyber Security Adviser.

Chaudhry Mansab Ali

Chaudhry Mansab Ali is an internationally recognized ethical Pakistan hacker and cybersecurity expert. Moreover, He is an impressive presenter on “Cyber and Web Security” at Haripur university.  furthermore, He is also a public speaker and has established five security institutes.

He received several certifications like 210W-02 Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems. Moreover, He is writing a book named “Indo Pak cyber war conflicts”. He is also an anchor on royal news. He is visiting many universities and educated students about the modern hacking techniques

Ahsan Tariq

Ahsan Tahir is a self-taught Hecker. So, he starts knowledge at a very young age.  He is reading different articles, and watching videos on YouTube about hacking. Furthermore, He handled security and bug concerns for the largest organizations Like Google and Microsoft.

The journey started when the fixed his own website. So, He investigated the world of hacking. Because he was determined to locate the problem and fix it. Ahsan spends his days hacking to make the internet a safer place.

In addition, He works as bug bounties on a part-time basis. Furthermore, he intends to become a software engineer. The globe and the internet are safer because of me, Ahsan claims. Because future conflicts might involve cyberspace.

Ammar Jafari

Ammar jafari is former DIG FIA. He is also no 1 hacker in Pakistan. So, He has 20 years of experience in digital forensics and information technology. Moreover, he is the founder of Digital Pakistan.  In addition, He has done M.Sc (statics) from Punjab university.

Furthermore, He is a professor at Islamia University Bahawalpur. He worked on different projects with international cyber security like Interpol, and Microsoft law enforcement.

Ammar conducted seminars on new trends in ICTs, electronic banking, and electronic governance.


Exceptional stories are rarely recognized at first because everyone is dazzled by the bright light that surrounds them. Stars seem little from a distance, but huge when viewed up close. It takes time for local media to grow and make the commitment to offer unfunded news. Finally, it’s important to be persistent if you want to be an ethical hacker. Try again if you’re unsuccessful. Try again with a new strategy. You can develop into a competent ethical hacker with perseverance.

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