Ever wonder where your car came from before you bought it? Did you know you can look up its full auction history for free? Auto auction sites like Copart and IAAI publicly list vehicle histories, damage reports and more before selling them to Dealers. But good luck digging through their messy sites. That’s why AutoBidCar.com exists – to give you the deets on your car’s past at the click of a button. This free online archive lets you search any car auction history by VIN or auction lot number to uncover where it’s been. See photos of previous damage, find out how many times it went to auction, and learn what it originally sold for. 

Check Your Car’s Auction History for Free

Have you ever wondered about the history of your vehicle before you bought it? As a used car buyer you can get vital information about your car’s past life by checking its auction Records. The Website AutoBidCar.com provides a free archive of vehicle auction listings from major salvage auction companies like Copart and IAAI in the USA. 

  • Search by VIN or Lot Number 
  • Learn About Previous Damage or Accidents
  • Check the Final Auction Price
  • Peace of Mind for Free

How to Look Up Previous Auction Listings by VIN

Using the vehicle identification number (VIN), you can uncover details about its past life at auto auctions. AutoBidCar is a free archive of listings from Copart and IAAI car auctions in the U.S. You simply enter a VIN or lot number to get details like photos, condition reports, and sale prices for that vehicle. This allows you to see how much the car has changed hands for in the past, alerting you to potential issues or reasons for a lower price tag.

Check the VIN

The VIN is located on the dashboard by the windshield on the  motorist’s side of the Vehicle. It contains 17 letters and  figures that uniquely identify that specific auto. Double check that the VIN on the vehicle matches what is listed in the  proprietor’s  primer and on the title to  insure it hasn’t been tampered with.

Search the archives

Visit autobidcar.com and enter the VIN in the search box at the top of the page. Previous listings from Copart and IAAI auctions will populate, showing the most recent sales first. You’ll see details like the make, model, year, trim level, mileage, and condition of the vehicle at the time of each auction. Photos and any damage noted on the condition report are also available.

Analyze the results

Look for any signs that the vehicle was in a major accident or had significant mechanical issues in the past. Multiple listings in a short time period could indicate problems that weren’t properly repaired. Price drops of $1,000 or more between auctions may also point to undisclosed damage or defects. While a single listing in the archive isn’t necessarily cause for concern, a sketchy history should make you wary.

What an Auction History Report Includes

AutoBidCar provides a comprehensive auction history report on any vehicle you search for on their Site. When you enter a VIN or lot number you’ll get the full details on that vehicle’s history in the Wholesale auction Market.

  • Photos

You’ll be able to see multiple photos of the actual vehicle from the auction listing. Check out the condition and any visible damage so you know exactly what you’re getting into. The photos provide a transparent look at the vehicle’s current state.

  • Damage Details

The report provides specific information on any damage listed for the vehicle at the time of auction. You’ll see details on the severity and location of any collisions, dents, scratches or other issues. Make sure any necessary repairs have been made before purchasing.

  • Sale and Title Information

See how much the vehicle sold for at auction, as well as its title status. Know whether you’re getting a clean title, salvage title or other title brand. The sale price can also give you an idea of the vehicle’s wholesale market value to determine if a retail asking price is reasonable.

  • Auction Grade

Most auctions provide a condition grade to give buyers a quick sense of a vehicle’s overall status. The auction history report will show you the specific grade (from “rough” to “exceptional”) assigned to the vehicle at the time of listing. Use this grade as a starting point, but still evaluate the other details provided to get the full picture.

  • And More…

Additional information like make, model, year, trim level, mileage, and location are also included in the auction history Report. See a complete snapshot of the vehicle’s attributes and background at the time of the auction Listing.

Why a Vehicle’s Auction History Matters

Knowing a vehicle’s full history before you buy can help you make an informed decision and get the best Deal. Auction records provide a glimpse into a cars past that can reveal important Details. You’ll see if the car was in a major accident, had flood or fire damage or needed extensive Repairs. While minor dings and dents are common on used cars, major structural or water damage significantly lowers a vehicle’s value and lifespan. Seeing a car’s actual selling price at auction gives you insight into its fair market Value. If a dealer is asking far more than the price it recently sold for at auction you know you have room to negotiate a better Deal.

Free Car Auction History Reports at AutoBidCar.com

Ever wonder about the history of a used car you’re interested in? AutoBidCar.com offers free vehicle history reports to give you the inside scoop. By searching a car’s VIN or lot number, you can uncover photos, service records, and details on any major accidents or flood damage. Before you bid on or buy any used car, get the full story first. At AutoBidCar.com, you can tap into archives from two of the largest auto auctions in the U.S., Copart and IAAI. See photos of the actual vehicle, not just generic stock images. Check facts about the car’s condition and any repair work done. Know what you’re really getting into instead of being left in the dark. 

Final Thoughts

Penetrating your auto’s transaction history throughAutoBidCar.com provides inestimable  perceptivity into its  history, allowing you to make informed  opinions as a  habituated auto buyer. By examining detailed reports including  prints, damage specifics,  trade prices, and title information, you gain  translucency about the vehicle’s condition and implicit issues. This free resource empowers consumers to negotiate fair deals, avoid undisclosed damages, and ensure they are investing in a reliable and reasonably priced vehicle. Don’t take risks with a car’s unknown history—AutoBidCar.com offers a comprehensive solution for obtaining crucial information before making your purchase. 

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