Running a successful business is all about good customer and client service. Statistics say that 93% of customers will likely repeat their purchases from companies that provide excellent customer service.

But how do you ensure your customers and clients find your brand unforgettable? Worry not, because here are some great ways! Come on, let’s start reading!

Give your customers cross-channel benefits

Cross-channel journeys are more important than you might think. When customers wish to shop from you, they see how well all your channels are interconnected.

For example, after they have placed an order from your website, make sure to send them confirmation or a discount code through mail or SMS.

If you can expand the number of marketing channels you use, you will automatically receive more positive feedback from existing clients.

Moreover, it will be easier for you to reach out to potential clients. A multichannel approach enables customers to conveniently contact you anytime they want to without wasting time.

Keep asking for feedback

Even though providing seamless customer service is important, it’s equally essential to keep collecting feedback.

Unless you directly hear from customers about what they like and dislike about your business, you won’t be able to define what “good customer service” is.

Remember that being unforgettable to your clients means listening to them and truly considering their feedback.

Give them loyalty services, ask them to fill out feedback forms, and participate in short surveys in exchange for rewards.

In case there is something that your business is lacking, you will instantly get to know it through feedback and improve upon your client experience.

Use business cards

This might not sound like much, but giving out business cards to customers and clients goes a long way in creating a great first impression.

However, if you worry that your traditional paper-based cards will go into the trash can, opt for metal digital business cards and tap them on your customers’ and clients’ phones. This way, your business will imprint on the client’s mind.

Moreover, metal business cards can give much more information through a single tap on the receiver’s smartphone.

They look more sleek and stylish and are also environment-friendly. One of the biggest advantages of metal business cards is that you won’t have to worry about constantly printing new stacks every month.

Don’t compromise on quality

No matter how many orders are piling up in your inventory, never compromise on the quality. Even if one product delivered to the customer turns out to be faulty, it can pose a huge risk to your business.

The receiver of that product will not only stop buying from you but might also tell their social circle to stop buying from your brand.

The key to an unforgettable customer and client experience is consistent quality.

Remember that quality isn’t just about how your product looks or feels but also about your business’s intangible aspects, such as rapid customer service, clear messages, and delivering promises.

Use digitalization for personalized customer service

If your company is still not using AI and ML to hyper-personalize customer servicing, then it’s time you do it!

Once you incorporate AI into your customer data, you won’t have to go through painful hours of data sorting and data defining.

You’ll also benefit from AI-powered recommendations about your bestselling products and brands.

Here, you can also use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to understand the trends happening in your company website and your website’s Google ranking.

If your SEO rating is high, more and more people will find your company page right on top of Google’s search results.

Keep your website active

Sure, creating a website is great. But it’s a dead end if you don’t update your website or offer your customers the kind of experience they’re looking for.

A good website is made of many different elements, right from a clean, legible page to the time it takes for each page to load.

For example, visitors won’t have a good impression if your site is cluttered with a lot of writing and has fewer pictures.

So, if you wish to be unforgettable to your existing and new customers, make sure your website is regularly updated with the latest news, blogs, and great elements without compromising on quality content. If needed, you can hire a website expert too.


No matter how unforgettable you think you are in the eyes of customers and clients, there are always newer ways to create a better impression.

Remember, every interaction with a client is an opportunity to take your business to greater heights!

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