Breve Coffee: What Is It?

A breve coffee is confusingly also referred to as a breve latte, cafe breve, caffe breve, or coffee breve. The current Breve and the traditional Cafe Latte are nearly identical in essence. But it has a richer texture and is creamier. This is because, instead of using regular milk, the Breve Latte uses half-and-half milk and cream.

The Breve Latte is akin to an Americans latte in certain aspects. The addition of half-and-half to milk increases the calorie content of the Breve. The majority of customers decide not to add any sugar or sweeteners because the drink is already fairly sweet. However, a lot of people like to add syrups and flavors to their lattes to make them even more delicious.

Whatever you decide, the coffee’s deliciousness works wonders. A lot of people like it as a “dessert” beverage. That might be the ideal way to sip your Breve Latte.

How to Pronounce Breve Coffee?

What is the pronunciation of a breve? For a lot of people, “breeve” or “brevé” is the default option. Pronunciation difficulties are understandable for native English speakers given the word’s non-English origins.

The way it should be pronounced is “breh veh.” If your tone isn’t quite right, try saying “bray vay” in a quiet voice.

Going above and beyond, some refer to it as the Caffè breve. As you may have noticed up to now, this beverage is referred to by a number of names and variations. Breve latte, breve coffee, breve Caffè, and breve coffee are some of these.

Which Coffee Beans Are Best for Me?

Breve Coffee

The flavor and body of the breve will be significantly influenced by the espresso’s underlying quality. The ideal roast is medium or medium-dark, though traditional dark roasts can also be excellent. The secret to a great espresso is to grind your coffee finely.

All of the traditional factors that are taken into account when selecting an espresso apply here. More discriminating palates will favor freshly ground coffee beans that have just been roasted.

How to Brew The coffee Quickly:

All right, are your materials ready? Fantastic. Now let’s get started! Three easy steps will get you a rich, flavorful cup of coffee at home.
Ingredients: Breves are very simple to make because they are espresso-based drinks. All you need to make a breve is these two ingredients:

  • Coffee
  • In half and half

That is all. To make a breve, just combine two ingredients.

Here, the kind of coffee doesn’t really matter. Any coffee will do for breves as long as it’s an espresso. However, a stronger espresso will shine because half-and-half is so rich and creamy.

This means that the best coffees for brewing breves are those with darker roasts or those with a richer, chocolatey finish.

You’ll also need your preferred flavored syrup or other sweeteners if you want a flavored breve.


You’ll need one or two shots of espresso first. This depends on your preferred drink size and personal taste.

For my breves, I like to aim for a ratio of 1:3 espresso to milk. Because half-and-half is so rich and creamy, too much of it can overpower the espresso’s flavor.

In other words, add two shots of espresso to a 16-ounce breve.

Second, you must steam your half-and-half until the texture you desire.

Standard American breves have a light milk foam consistency, akin to that of a caffe latte. The desired texture for the milk is texture, not bubbliness.

Increase the texture of your milk to create more foam on top if you’re going for a breve cappuccino.

Finally, whisk your espresso and milk together. That is the only step involved!

Professional Advice:

  • Because half-and-half contains more fat than whole milk, it boils more easily. Remember that over-steaming half-and-half at home can scorch your cream and make your coffee taste bitter.
  • Make sure you and your barista agree on something when ordering a breve at a cafe. Every shop has a slightly different approach to coffee breve, as I mentioned before. Make sure the barista knows that you would like a latte made with half-and-half if you would like a breve latte. When you make your points clear, they don’t mind.
  • Similarly, you can request a “breve” of any espresso drink from your barista. There were a lot of regulars that would come in and order a breve cafe-au-lait.That only indicated that they desired steaming half-and-half with their brewed coffee. “Breve hot chocolate” or “breve mocha” was another popular one.
  • You can also make breves cold! Making these is even simpler. Simply top your espresso shot with chilled half-and-half and serve over ice. For a rich and creamy iced latte in the summer, this is a great coffee beverage.

Which Milk Substitutes Are Best for Breve Lattes?

There aren’t many options to use as breve milk because the distinctive rich texture of breve latte makes it unique. Cashew milk and full-fat coconut milk are the non-dairy alternatives that resemble half-and-half in terms of richness and texture.

What makes a breve different from a latte?

Although both a latte and a breve are espresso-based drinks, they differ greatly from one another and give each its own special qualities.

The type of milk used in the beverage is the primary distinction between a latte and a breve. Whereas a breve uses steamed half-and-half, a latte uses steamed whole milk.

This contributes to the distinctively creamy texture and flavor of a latte and, because of its higher fat content, gives a breve additional richness.

Taste Your Breve Latte:

With this guide, you should be well-equipped to prepare a delightful breve latte. I sincerely hope that this guide will help you enjoy and indulge in this rich beverage. Please share your thoughts and opinions with us if you have any additional advice or improvements for making a breve.


What makes a breve different from a latte?

Whole milk is typically used to make lattes. You make a breve with half and half.

The breve has a richer, heavier flavor and texture due to half and half’s higher fat content.

Is a flat white and a breve the same thing?

Not quite, the primary distinction is in the milk. Whereas breves use half-and-half milk, flat whites use whole milk.

A flat white breve coffee can be ordered.

Which is better for you, a latte or a breve?

A latte is a far healthier choice if you’re watching your calorie intake.

Because half and half contains a lot of fat, breves can have more than 600 calories.

If you don’t usually drink high-fat beverages, you should save breves for special occasions rather than as your go-to beverage.

Is It Bad To Have A Coffee Breve?

While not unhealthy, a coffee breve contains a lot more fat than more conventional espresso drinks, which translates to a high calorie count. It can definitely be included in a balanced diet, but if you’re watching your weight or cholesterol, you might not want to drink it every morning.


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