Workday is one of the leading HR, finance, and planning applications used by many large enterprises worldwide. In 2023, Workday released version 2023R2 of its software which introduced many new features and enhancements. This blog will discuss some of the key highlights of Workday 2023R2 under 5 headers.

Enhanced Planning Features

Workday 2023R2 brought improved planning capabilities. The new release introduced enhanced driver-based planning which allows planning assumptions to be linked directly to key drivers like headcount, revenue, or expenses. This makes planning more intuitive as changes to drivers automatically flow through to impacted plans and forecasts. Conditional formatting was also added to planning views, allowing risks or opportunities to be more easily identified. Interactive plan comparisons let users visually analyze plan versions side by side.

Advanced Analytics Tools

Workday 2023R2 included powerful new analytics and reporting capabilities. Embedded Workday Analytics provides self-service business intelligence tools right within Workday applications. This allows users to quickly analyze data and create interactive dashboards and reports without needing separate analytics software. Machine learning features like auto-tagging of documents with topics help surface relevant information. Additional pre-built analytics apps for areas like talent and compensation are also now available.

Improved Cloud Platform

As a cloud-based solution, Workday regularly enhances its platform. The 2023R2 release focused on cloud optimization. Workday Cloud Platform now allows customers to more easily and securely integrate Workday with other applications. Workday’s Adaptive Planning capability was expanded to support additional planning applications. Cloud-native features like auto-scaling ensure high performance as workload increases. Workday also strengthened data security with new encryption of data at rest.

Enhanced User Experience

Providing an intuitive user experience is a priority for Workday. The 2023R2 release introduced many UX improvements. A new Activity Feed keeps users updated with changes to their tasks and requests. Universal Profile allows accessing all employee information from a single location. Interactive dashboards bring key metrics to the homepage. Mobile apps were also optimized with features like touch-friendly menus. Advanced search helps find information more quickly. These enhancements make Workday easier and more productive to use.

Expanded Global Capabilities

As a global solution, Workday regularly expands its capabilities for the international market. The 2023R2 release added new payroll support for countries like Malaysia, Philippines and United Arab Emirates. Localized reporting for additional countries like France was introduced. Multilingual support was enhanced with features like the ability to translate custom objects. Additional currency and language options provide greater flexibility. These global enhancements allow Workday to better meet the needs of its worldwide customer base.


Workday 2023R2 brought powerful new capabilities across key areas like planning, analytics, cloud optimization, user experience and global support. With Opkey, a leading no-code testing automation platform, your Workday updates go smoothly. As Australia’s leading Workday test automation provider, they’ve helped companies to reduce testing times by 80% and costs by 60%. Opkey gives you over 2,000 pre-built test cases to quickly expand coverage. Opkey Impact Analysis reports detail which processes as well as tests each update’s impact.

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