If you are a lover of professional sports and currently reside in the United States, there are some exciting times ahead. The 2023 schedule features many mouth-watering fixtures as the likes of the NFL, NBA, and MLB continue to bounce back from the devastating effects of the pandemic. US sport is back, and it’s bigger than ever. Are you ready to enjoy the show?

This year promises to be different from any that has gone before it. For millions of residents and visitors to the US, online sports betting is legal for the first time in history. If you are in a state that permits gambling, you can be proud to be part of a historic generation. But what exactly are the rules across the US? 

Many questions still need to be answered as lawmakers, and reporters struggle to keep up with the change sweeping the nation. We need answers and fast. This article aims to inform readers of the latest rules and laws, including sports betting in Texas, and how you can wager on the new NFL season set to begin in September.

Sports betting in Texas
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We bring in the experts

We draft in the experts to ensure our readers have the latest and most reliable information on the legality of sports betting in Texas. You have sent us your questions, and we had our experts provide answers. Keep reading to see if you can bet on The Lone Star State and which sports you can make predictions on today.

There’s more too. We’ve got you covered if you want to know how to bet on sports, the most popular markets, and the availability of free bets. By the end of this page, you’ll see if you can bet, where, and on which sports. Put simply, everything you need to prepare for sportsbook gambling in 2023 is under one roof. And not a moment too soon either, with things developing fast.

Can I bet on sports in Texas?

Sports betting is illegal in Texas. You must remember that when inside state lines. Please don’t attempt to gamble on sports at an illegal bookie or offshore bookmaker. Doing so will land you in trouble. It’s not worth taking the chance.

But things can change and are changing across the United States every week. Keep your eyes on the latest news and this site, as we will update readers when there’s movement on Texas sports betting.

Will things change before the NFL kick-off?

There is strong support for legalizing online sports betting across the United States. Some states may never accept betting due to several factors, including religious reasons and tradition. But Texas has a great shot. It is an area rich in sporting history with some of the most famous teams in the land.

Pro-sports betting parties are currently campaigning to support betting, with many experts believing it’s only a matter of time. It’s likely to happen after the new football season begins in September, which will be a major disappointment to many fans.

Should I use an overseas bookie to bet?

No – that is the short answer to that question. You may read posts online regarding tricks to register with an overseas or offshore bookie, but that’s not something we support, as it’s also illegal.

Some have tried to gamble with bookies in Europe, such as the United Kingdom, but all legal and licensed bookies have been warned not to accept new players from Texas. The threat of losing their license if they do has scared off any bookie worth joining.

What are the penalties for gambling?

If you bet illegally in Texas, the punishments are severe. The laws have been updated, and those caught may be heavily fined or even jailed. For a football bet? It’s not worth even thinking about just now.

How can I bet on sports?

To place a bet on an upcoming sporting event, you must travel to a state that permits gambling—simply being in that state when the bet is struck covers you against breaking the law. You can then return to Texas knowing any winnings due will be paid directly into your account balance.

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