Our bodies are made up primarily of water and yet many Australians don’t replenish the water that we lose through sweat and breathing every single day. It is especially important that you replace lost liquids at the hot times of the year and because we are quite fortunate in that we enjoy fairly warm weather all year round, it is imperative that we are drinking more liquids every single day. Our lives are so hectic and for that reason, we have actually forgot to drink from the water fountain at work or to buy ourselves a bottle of water from the local convenience store.

We end up being incredibly lethargic and we don’t have the energy to be able to do our jobs properly and to live our lives in a healthy manner. What you need to do is to get yourself into the habit of carrying water around and so this is why you invest in a Frank Green bottle because you will be able to fill up your bottle throughout the day and because it is in your hand at all times, you will always have a gentle reminder you need to take a sip.

There are many benefits to properly hydrating yourself throughout the day in Australia and the following are some of them.

  • Your brain performs better – If you are in a job that requires an incredible amount of thinking every single day then your brain needs to be working at its optimum or your boss is not going to be happy. Any kind of dehydration at all really does affect how your memory operates, your overall mood throughout the day, your concentration and of course, your reaction times. All you need to do is to sip from your water bottle throughout the day and this will have a very positive effect on how you feel and it will help you to relax as well.
  • It is excellent for digestion – Many people suffer from acid reflux and other stomach problems because they don’t drink enough water every single day. Your body needs liquids in order to be able to digest your food properly and if you’re not drinking enough water then you’re going to experience bloating, heartburn and general discomfort throughout the day and into the evening.
  • Your energy levels will go up – If you find yourself being tired throughout the day then it’s probably because you’re not drinking enough water. If you are dehydrated then this really does affect the amount of oxygen that goes to your brain and so this is what makes you tired and not so focused when it comes to your job.

Drinking lots more water is also an excellent way to help you to lose weight if that is your current goal and it makes you feel fuller for longer. You need to start getting yourself into the habit of carrying your own water bottle around with you at all times and then you will remember to drink.

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