Many more Australians are a lot more aware of what their responsibilities are when it comes to being more eco-friendly. We already do our recycling but there is a lot more that you could be taking part in if you just knew where to start. We all have to share this planet with each other and it’s no good saying that the little things that you do can’t contribute to the overall big picture because this is totally untrue. If we all pull together then all of these small actions can contribute significantly to reducing our overall carbon footprint.

There is lots to do around your home, like investing in bagless vacuum cleaners and this is one less piece of paper that is introduced into society. The vacuum cleaner itself has its own storage capacity which can be easily disconnected from the cleaner itself and emptied into the bin. It is just as easily attached and so investing in technology such as this is where you begin. This is just one of the top tips so that you can have a more environmentally friendly home and the following are some others.

  • Invest in a smart meter – If this modern piece of technology is something that you have never heard about before then you should know that its purpose is to turn on the heating and the air conditioning at certain preprogrammed times of the day and so this is a more efficient way to use energy. It will help to address your rising energy bills and it gives you an accurate measure of the amount of electricity that you are consuming.
  • Change out of those old light bulbs – Many Australian homes are still using older light bulbs that an incredible amount of energy. Now is the time to start swapping them out and replacing them with more energy-efficient light bulbs like LEDs. You will still have the same amount of light to see your way but they use much less electricity and they don’t have to be replaced as often as the older ones.
  • Carry out proper insulation – The reason why your home is not energy efficient and why you keep getting large bills every single quarter is that your home is probably not properly insulated if it is an older property. This is one way to get an excellent return on your investment because if you get your property properly insulated then it will keep in the heat in the winter time and keep in the cool air of the warmer times of the year.

It may cost a little bit of money to invest in the following but installing solar panels in your home is incredibly eco-friendly and as a long-term investment, it’s going to save you an incredible amount of money and it will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. When it comes to cleaning your home, start choosing cleaners that are more environmentally-friendly and break down naturally once they go down the drain.

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