Wook Flu: What Is It and Just how to Avoid It

Wook Flu

Wook Flu, As the climate warms, festival season is upon us. If you’ve went to an exterior festival, you recognize that besides being surrounded by music and pals, you might encounter dust, pollen and even secondhand smoke. If you are among the unlucky individuals to capture a show after a rainy day, you can include mud, mold, yard, weeds and various other irritants to the mix.

However, this combination of elements makes events reproducing premises for coughings, sneezes and wheezes. With inadequate accessibility to handwashing terminals, testing weather and having way too much enjoyable to moisten, this is the excellent storm for an infection.


What is Wook Flu?

The terms “wook Flu” or “Coachella Coughing” are utilized as an overarching jargon term for numerous health problems people can get at songs and film festivals. These consist of colds, flus and even more significant infections. Thus, one of the most usual signs and symptoms of event flu consist of coughing, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, fever and body pains. “It’s generally not a specific ailment but a combination of absence of rest, absence of nutrition shouting, yelling and dehydration,” stated Cedric “Jamie” Rutland, M.D., a lung and crucial care medicine physician and Lung Association agent.


Can You Avoid Wook Flu?

Wook Flu

There are lots of points you can do to minimize your threat of establishing Festival Wook Flu.


Stay Hydrated

This is of utmost significance while at a celebration. Remaining hydrating will certainly keep the cellular lining of your nose and throat from drying out so that mucous remains moist and easy to remove from the nose. Avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol is likewise an excellent concept because they cause dehydration.


Don’t smoke

Don’t smoke and keep away from others that are smoking cigarettes while having wook flu. Breathing in smoke– also secondhand– can aggravate your throat and cause a cough.


 Reinforce Your Immune System

One way is to start your allergic reaction drug prior to allergic reaction period. This will certainly minimize the probability of succumbing to your allergic reaction signs and symptoms while out at a celebration and maintain you healthy. Another is to take Vitamin C before, throughout and after the festival.


Wear a Mask

Wear a mask and social your range when feasible. Similar to how we came close to quiting the spread of COVID-19, concealing and social distancing are good ways to stop picking up a respiratory infection. However, celebrations tend to be loaded and social distancing can be challenging so, if you are sick, you need to stay home.


Maintain a Healthy and Balanced Diet Plan

Wook Flu

Dr. Rutland recommends consuming fresh fruits and drinking shakes to guarantee appropriate nourishment. Poor nutrition can lower your resistance.


How To Prevent Wook Flu

This is a cold/sinus infection that generally takes place the week after a celebration. Many of us have experienced it prior to and those that haven’t mosted likely to a multi-day outdoor camping festival will certainly learn rapidly what it is. There are great deals of elements to this enigma condition however there are additionally lots of means to avoid this.

Wook flu is caused by a combination of our bodies and immune systems being worn down by partying and activity and an unfamiliar (to each individual) infection or microorganisms somewhere on the celebration grounds. It has been known to flooring individuals for countless weeks afterwards so right here is a few things to do to either prevent it entirely or, more genuinely, reduce what were all going to experience.



This might be tough at a big event, so think about bringing along hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

Wash your hands prior to you eat, and then again after. Use it prior to you go to the bathroom, after that after. It’s additionally a fantastic idea to in fact wash your hands when you can as hand sanitizer kills the microbes on our hands however does not remove them. Rinse your hands off each time you replenish your water container. Take as several showers as you can and try to wipe on your own down before kipping down for the evening.



Do this in the weeks leading up to Woodland to prep the body for the shock of partying tough for 5 days in a row. Consume nutrient dense foods like dark leafy greens while on website and do not neglect iron and zinc particularly, multi vitamins, and emergen-c. (event mimosa= sparkling wine+ OJ+ emergenC).



This does not have to be rest- just leaving your feet can maintain our energy levels up and feel not as fatigued. It’s more difficult for our bodies to eliminate off a virus or infection if we are run-down. Use earplugs, a resting eye mask, and an outdoor tents follower to maintain you asleep much longer right into the early mornings. Take snoozes when you can and if you find yourself debating weather condition to avoid until sunrise on Thursday night, reassess the option given that there are several days entrusted to explore and be active.



Wook Flu

Constantly put on shoes when entering into a porta potty and if you use the showers on website. Dirt masks/bandanas are a hero for your lungs. However really … Are we going to talk to that warm lady or individual we’ve been dancing with all night? Possibly. Are we mosting likely to smoke with everyone/ somebody whose fears are longer than the Thursday entryway line? You bet.

Are we mosting likely to be sharing our beer and water with our close friends and random people that have run out? Yes. Are we going to get other people’s dirt/sweat on us from dancing close, hugging everybody, and getting hundreds of high fives in the line to the place? 100%. The truth is, wook flu does not differentiate- I’m probably going to get it therefore are you. This should assist lessen the signs.


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