Jobs For 12 Year Olds:

Today, we’ll look at a variety of jobs that are ideal jobs for 12 year olds.

Are you 12 years old and want to earn your own money?

Are you excited about starting your career?

From babysitting to lemonade stand. Each one is an excellent match for young people looking to gain work experience.Older teens and young adults can also explore platforms where they can bid on jobs, such as those available for truck loads.

Imagine having your own pocket money. Earning it for yourself.

Essentially, a jobs for 12 year olds cannot hold most traditional non-agricultural jobs. Working at a retail store, for example, is almost entirely prohibited. The only exception is if the retail store is owned entirely by the child’s parents.

There are some other non-agricultural jobs permitted. However, even if the work is appropriate, the employer must adhere to certain strict guidelines. For example, states typically have strict rules governing the number of hours a 12-year-old can work, as well as time restrictions.

How to Get a Job as a 12 Year Old :

Traditional jobs are typically unavailable to minors due to safety concerns and child labor laws. There are a few exceptions, which vary by state. In general, a 12-year-old is not allowed to work in a traditional non-agricultural job unless their parents own the business.

There is some leeway for agricultural jobs as long as they are not hazardous, do not take place during school hours, and have parental consent. These are federal guidelines, but individual states may be stricter, so check your local laws.

The good news is that 12-year-olds do not need a traditional job! There are many opportunities to help earn some extra cash, such as babysitting, helping out around the house.

Online Jobs for 12 Year Olds:

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Being a teen author requires a lot of effort, but it can also be very rewarding. In fact, a book you write today could earn you money for the rest of your life! To be a teen author, you must first write a book, then edit it, self-publish it online, and market it so that people can purchase it from you.


Teenage bloggers can make a lot of money online if their blog gains popularity. It can also be a lot of fun to write about something you are familiar with and passionate about. To earn money as a teenage blogger, you’ll need to write.

Fashion blogger:

A teen fashion blogger creates a blog and begins writing about fashion. Even if you’re only 12 years old, you can write about a variety of topics, including what celebrities wear and your favorite indie clothing lines. Whatever you write about as a teenage fashion blogger, if your blog becomes popular, you can earn a lot of money through advertisements and sponsorships! (Learn more)

Logo Designer:

A teen logo designer collaborates with a business to create an incredible logo that will represent the company to the rest of the world. To be a teenage logo designer, you must be creative and artistic, as well as adept at following directions, as many businesses are very particular about their logo.

Mobile Application Developer:

Anyone can learn how to create mobile apps, and once you do, you could make a lot of money as a teen mobile app developer. You might be designing apps for businesses so that people can learn more about them, or you might be developing your own apps that you can sell or monetize through advertisements. In any case, working as a teenage mobile app developer can be both difficult and rewarding.


It’s easier than you think to become a teen photographer if you have a good camera and know how to take pictures! The best way for a 12-year-old to become a teen photographer is to take unique photos of high-demand subjects and upload them to Shutterstock, where businesses and others can purchase them for projects. (Learn more)

Survey taker:

A teenage survey taker only needs an internet connection and time, making it an ideal job for anyone! Companies need information from the general public, so they hire websites to conduct surveys. Sign up for one of these survey websites, and you might soon find yourself earning a lot of money just by filling.

YouTuber Specialist:

Being a teen YouTuber is as easy as uploading videos to YouTube! Of course, you’ll want to make videos about things you enjoy so you don’t get bored, and you’ll need to gain popularity before the advertising money starts rolling in, but if you’re willing to put in the effort required to be a teenage YouTuber, you can make money on YouTube even as a 12-year-old!

other Jobs for 12 Year Olds:


Being a teen artist is an excellent way for anyone who enjoys painting or drawing to earn money if they are 12 years old! As a teen artist, you’ll create and sell artwork. You can sell them directly to friends and family members as well as strangers by attending art fairs, which are held both in the summer and winter. (Learn more)


Becoming a teen baker is as simple as having friends order sweet treats from you, which you then prepare and deliver to them for their party. Of course, you’ll need to love baking and have all the baking supplies you need to make everything from cupcakes From cookies to wedding cakes and more, if you enjoy baking, this is the job for you! (Learn more)

Bicycle Mechanic:

A teenage bike mechanic can be someone who is skilled with their hands and understands how a bike works. Once you have the necessary tools and demonstrate your ability to repair any bike problem in your neighborhood, you will be inundated with business. As a 12-year-old teen bike mechanic, you’ll be responsible for repairing and maintaining other people’s bikes. (Learn more)

Car Washer:

As a teen car washer, you will be responsible for washing both the outside and inside of people’s cars. The better job you do, the more people will return and recommend your services.

Fence Painter:

As a teen fence painter, you will use a brush or a roller to give people’s fences a new coat of paint. Many people want their fences to look great but don’t have the time to paint them themselves, so they’ll hire you! Working as a teenage fence painter can be exhausting, but it’s also a great way to supplement your income during the summer.

Garage Cleaner:

Most people dislike cleaning out their garages, so they might hire a 12-year-old teenage garage cleaner to assist. As a teenage garage cleaner, you’ll let people know you’re available to help them do whatever they need done in their garage, and then get paid for it.

Water Salesman

A teen water salesman can make a lot of money during the summer by selling cold water on hot days. It’s an excellent job for 12-year-olds because it’s simple to buy a large number of bottles of water, locate a local event, and keep the bottles cold while selling them. You could set up a stand and invite people to come to you, or bring a wagon and deliver the water to them! (Learn more)

Window Washer

You can work as a teen window washer to help people have beautiful windows in their homes or offices. This job is simple enough for anyone to do, but if you’re working on second-story windows, you’ll need a sturdy ladder and should exercise extreme caution.


A teen gardener helps someone maintain a garden, whether it’s a large vegetable garden in the backyard or a small flower patch in the front yard. To be a teenage gardener, you must enjoy working outdoors and not be afraid to get dirty. It also helps to be knowledgeable about plants so you don’t accidentally pull up someone’s prized begonias while weeding! (Learn more)

Create a gift basket:

A 12-year-old who is creative and understands what types of gifts people like can become a teenage gift basket creator. A teen gift basket creator can work all year, creating baskets for people to buy and give as gifts. They might be for


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