D4 is a project that is more focused on grind and constant adventures, where your hero goes through a story narrative and at the same time strives for the constant accumulation of resources and equipment for your hero, where you need to change weapons and strive for items that will add additional points skills and strengthen attacks.

To enhance your potential, you need to look for items with good parameters and sockets that will be filled with stones and give new bonuses depending on your class.

You will go through the game many times and constantly increase the difficulty level, but also improve the quality of items for your hero, which will increase damage.

Enemies will gradually begin to develop resistance and immunity, and in order to continue to cause stable damage, you need to build so that you can use several types of attacks and not find yourself in a situation where you cannot inflict any damage on the enemy. Of course, you can simply spend gold to reset your skill build, or order Diablo 4 boosting from a professional service to skip the first stages of difficulty and continue through the nightmare and hell levels, aiming for full endgame.

Diablo 4
Diablo 4

Difference in Difficulty Levels

Each stage of hero development falls at a certain character level, but the higher the difficulty level, the greater and better the rewards that can potentially be obtained from monsters and local bosses.

The first difficulty level is the simplest and fastest and your leveling in Diablo 4 will go quickly, and this format is needed to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics, grinding, clearing dungeons, quests and the opportunity to try all the heroes in order to decide on the main character at the beginning, when they have not yet been achieved great results.

When you complete all the acts, you will start the game again, but at an increased difficulty level, and so you can go through the game 5 times until you reach the full endgame.

The second difficulty level will not be as easy, but will still be easy for players and will change rather with rewards and the overall attack power of bosses and monsters.

Interesting gameplay will begin at the nightmare difficulty stage, in which resists will begin to actively appear on monsters. This is not full immunity yet, but it will be more difficult to break through enemies, while your defense parameters will be weakened with each difficulty level and the same enemies will cause much more damage.

This means that, unlike the first difficulty levels, you need to strengthen your hero not only in terms of attacks, but also resistance, otherwise even the simplest monsters will begin to knock down to half your health in a couple of hits.

The most interesting and challenging gameplay will begin when your leveling in D4 reaches the hell difficulty level.

Then enemies will often have complete immunity to various attacks, and this must be taken into account when you form your build.

If you are an archer, then you need stones that will activate the power of fire, ice, lightning and other magical features that will cause damage in a situation that is hopeless for your main class.

For a magician, it is advisable to choose two builds with different elements in order to sacrifice some of the damage, but maintain combat potential in principle and collect different items in advance with the enhancement of two types of skills.

Diablo 4
Diablo 4


The simplest and most obvious way to boost cheaply in D4 is to hunt in locations and clear them of monsters in order to gain experience, gold and various items, the quality and chance of which will depend on your likelihood of finding a magic item.

In fact, this is the most stable and signature way of gameplay for Diablo games.

You need to run through all the locations, preferably carrying out a full-fledged sweep in order to extract maximum resources and gold from them and activate teleport points in order to always be able to return there without having to run there or ride a horse, which you will receive in the third act.

You will progress through all acts 5 times, and you can choose one of three play styles:

  • Speedrun – You simply run through all the locations, activating teleports and try to get to the event bosses faster. This approach will help you quickly get to high difficulty levels, where the rewards are better, but starting in each new stage will be more and more difficult, because your character will have good leveling in Diablo 4, but will not have the required amount of equipment and will have to put a lot of effort into getting it at the first stages. This approach adds an element of adventurism and is liked by some players.
  • Fast but profitable – such players regularly clear every location and collect all possible resources, attack dungeons. They don’t hesitate, but they don’t rush either, but attack locations efficiently in order to take out as many useful items as possible in each act without spending too much time on it.
  • Full-fledged grind – such players will move to a new level of difficulty and even the next act only when they have brought the maximum amount of resources and items for the next stages of the game. This also helps to always have a supply of resists to increase the difficulty level and lower the overall defense of your hero.


Diablo 4 has 5 full difficulty levels that you need to go through in order to get to the endgame stage.

You can simplify any of the stages of hero development for yourself by simply ordering a boost in Diablo 4 Skycoach.

You will transfer your account to the booster and the player will upgrade your character to the required difficulty level.

Skycoach guarantees account security and anonymity and is ready to compensate for financial losses if they result from the intervention of the game administration.

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