When it comes to Home Design, the single storey extension seldom takes the spotlight, but it holds a lot more potential than you might think. Homeowners often overlook this as a viable option because of perceived limitations. However, with some innovative ideas and thoughtful design, single-storey extensions can significantly elevate your home’s functionality, aesthetic appeal, and market value.

Maximising Space and Utility

The idea behind a single-storey extension is to maximise the space of your ground floor. This extra area can serve several purposes – a larger kitchen, a new dining area, a study, or even an entertainment room. It gives you the freedom to tailor the new space to fit your lifestyle and needs better.

Natural Light and Connectivity

Unlike their two-storey counterparts, single-storey extensions do not block natural light from entering the upper-floor windows. By incorporating design elements like glass doors, skylights, and bi-fold doors, a single-storey extension can also enhance the connection between the interior and exterior living spaces. This creates an illusion of a larger, brighter home.

The Power of Customisation

The beauty of single storey extensions lies not only in the increased space but also in the infinite possibilities to customise the areas. The extension can be designed to seamlessly blend with the existing structure or be built in a contrasting modern design. The choice of materials, colours, and finishes provides a vast canvas for homeowners to express personal style.

Cost-Effective Home Improvement

Financially, single-storey extensions can be a cost-effective improvement compared to a two-storey extension. They typically require less structural work, yet still add substantial value to the home. Furthermore, there are often fewer restrictions on these extensions, making it easier and faster to secure planning permission.

In Summary

A single storey extension is not just about adding floor space; it’s about creating a better living experience. With proper planning and design, a single-storey extension can transform your home into a more functional, brighter, and aesthetically pleasing space. The magic lies in the ability to tailor the new room to meet your specific needs while still conserving the character and appeal of the original home.


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