Wear or serious damage to any spare part, including this one, requires the installation of a new one. But what to do with the old one? Not everyone realizes that this is a very valuable part that should not just be thrown away. It is best to use the specialized services of the Auto Catalyst platform, where you can sell the exhaust treatment system from your car at a high price. You can also find out more about saturn catalytic converter scrap value and many other models. The final price depends on several factors, which will be discussed below.

Specific nuances on which the final price will depend

The amount of precious metals in all car models is different. This depends, for example, on the car model or year of manufacture, as well as on the type of fuel used. For example, platinum predominates in the components of diesel-powered cars, and expensive rhodium is quite rare.

That is, gasoline cars usually contain all three precious elements. This is why spare parts from diesel cars are cheaper than gasoline ones. At the same time, as a rule, the most expensive converters are found on cars with hybrid engines.

So, the final price that you can get for a sold unit depends on the amount of metals, as well as on fluctuations in their prices – stock quotes and many other factors.


The more carefully and carefully you drive your vehicle, the better condition your exhaust system will be. Bumps, potholes, potholes, and deep puddles will negatively affect the appearance and, as a result, the price of the part.

Wear level

The price will depend on its wear and tear. This is negatively affected by:

  • Poor quality fuel. Fuel your car only with proven fuel, do not skimp on this, because in the end you will have to pay for expensive repairs.
  • Great mileage. Each neutralizer has its own approximate mileage, after which it ceases to perform its functions normally. This is normal for all parts and mechanisms in general. Different cars have different converter mileage. Find out more in our article.
  • Flood. Avoid deep puddles when driving into bodies of water.

Be careful, avoid harsh steering, avoid potholes if possible, and park near curbs and off-road areas.

Where was the car made?

The brand and, accordingly, the country and model of the car greatly influence the price. The higher the class of your car, the more expensive its spare parts will be. For example, Ford F250 and Dodge Ram 2500 contain more platinum in the converter, and this accordingly greatly increases their value on the market. In addition, European cars contain more platinum compared to Chinese cars, so the price will be correspondingly higher.

So, the cost of a part is influenced by many features, including technical specifications, materials used in manufacturing, the make of the car, and even the characteristics of the regional market. Understanding these factors helps you make a more informed choice when replacing your converter, taking into account not only cost, but also its compliance with technical and environmental requirements.

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