Moon rocks: What Are They?

Moon rocks are not a new strain of cannabis, despite what you may believe.

Moon rocks, on the other hand, derive their name from the extremely lumpy, rock-like form that is produced after a bud is dipped in cannabis oil and then gently rolled in kief.

When smoking, the final product is an excellent fusion of the three distinct effects, a harmonizing blend that elevates the experience of getting high to a new and sophisticated level.

It’s sometimes referred to as “cannabis caviar,” a term that suggests the final product’s high cost and exquisite nature.

This is not to be confused with MDMA crystals, also known as moonrocks; you will experience a very different high from that type of purchase!

The Story of Moon Rocks:

It’s not entirely clear where moon rocks exactly came from. Some credit the connection between cannabis and hip-hop, particularly the 2013 release of Moon Rocks by rappers Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak.

Originally, a lot of moon rocks were made with Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), but today, a variety of strains—including hemp strains—are used.

How are they produced?

moon Rocks

Moon rocks are created by dipping or misting a marijuana nugget with concentrate, also known as hash oil.

They can be made with any strain, but they are typically made with Girl Scout Cookies flower and concentrate (the weed strain, not Thin Mints).

After coating, the nugget is rolled in kief. The sticky crystals that cover the cannabis flower are known as kief, sometimes known as pollen or dry sift. Both terpenes and cannabinoids are present in this crystal residue.

Who Thought of the Moon Rocks Idea?

Though no one can be certain, moon rocks are said to have first appeared in the 1990s rap scene.

Since then, dispensaries have claimed credit for creating their goods alongside Death Row rappers Kurupt and Dr. Zodiac.

How powerful are they?

It differs according to the batch. The method, the person making it, and the ingredients all affect how potent it is.

In general, moon rocks contain about 50% THC, according to Leafly. To put that into perspective, the typical THC content of popular strains found in dispensaries is between 17 and 28 percent (Trusted Source).

What is the process of consumption?

Moon rocks can be smoked like regular nugs by crumbling them into a bowl, vape pen, joint, or pipe. It is best smoked through glassware like a bong or pipe because it is extremely dense and greasy and difficult to keep lit.


The effects will vary depending on a number of variables, including the strain used, product quality, individual tolerance, and dosage consumed. Several users have expressed feeling:

  • euphoria
  • heightened hunger heightened sociability
  • heightened awareness
  • utter relaxation
  • Pain alleviation Greater inventiveness
  • Enhanced awareness of the senses
  • Enhanced contentment
  • lightheadedness
  • drier mouth elevated heart rate
  • stale eye

Within a few minutes, the effects will start to take hold. They will get stronger after 30 minutes and may even last for several hours or even the following day. Use caution when determining your dosage.

Methods for creating moon rocks at home:

You’ll need a few supplies if you want to attempt creating moon rocks at home.


Buds of cannabis: Select premium buds to use as the foundation for your moon rocks.

Cannabis concentrate: A sticky concentrate, like CO2 oil, BHO (butane hash oil), or hash oil, is required. The consistency of the concentrate should be thick and syrupy. Add rosin jam to create solventless moon rocks.

Kief: The cannabis plant’s resinous trichomes are known as these. Gather it from your grinder, buy kief from a retailer, or use any powdered high-quality hash you already own.

Tongs: You can separate sticky ingredients with the aid of tongs or tweezers.
Liquid dropper: To completely cover the buds in oil.


Step 1: Get your buds ready.

Choose well-formed, dense cannabis buds that are slightly dry without being too so. They should be able to contain the kief and concentrate without crumbling.

Step 2: Use a concentrated.

Carefully drizzle or dab the cannabis concentrate onto the buds using your dropper. To get an extract that will stick to the flower more effectively, some may need to be heated. Make sure the bud is uniformly coated on all sides. If it’s easier, you can also dip the bud into the concentrate using a pair of tweezers.

Step 3: Permit the first layer to enter.

Repeat the oil coating process after the nug has had time to soak through it. Some cannabis artisans also choose to inject warm oil into the center of the buds.

Step 4: Add the kief.

Put the coated bud in a kief-filled container. Make sure that the bud has kief all over its surface by giving it a gentle roll.

Step 5: Allow to air dry.

Give the moon rock a few hours or overnight to dry and set in a cool, dark place. This will facilitate the layers’ adhesion to the bud and facilitate handling.

Step 6: Keep or savor.

After the moon rocks have dried, keep them out of direct sunlight in an airtight container.

Safety advice:

Moon rocks are powerful, to put it mildly. It’s crucial to take a few things into account before attempting them.

Your brain and energy levels will be disrupted by these powerful nuggets, which may make it impossible to complete tasks. It’s preferable to do it when you have a significant amount of free time or to clear your schedule.

The following general safety advice applies to using moon rocks:

Consume. Eat first to reduce the effects of high-THC cannabis and avoid nausea, as well as to control any eventual munchies.
Drink water. Prevent dry mouth by drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated before, during, and after smoking.
Take note of your surroundings.

Select a secure location where you can unwind and sit back without any obligations.

Move slowly. Start slowly, very slowly. This can help lessen the potency of the effects, so it’s especially crucial if you’re new to moon rocks or high-THC strains. Aim to give yourself at least a few minutes between breaths.


What is the power of moon rocks?

Most moon rocks contain more than 50% THC and CBD because they combine flower with two different types of concentrates. All moon rock varieties will have a similar amount of CBD.

Since the flower, concentrate, and kief each have a different potency level, there is a lot of variation in potency between products. To ensure that those figures are correct, look for a potency breakdown on the label and purchase legally obtained moon rocks.

What is the price of one gram of moon rocks?

Moon rocks can cost up to $30 per gram, depending on the quality of the flower, concentrate, and kief. It is generally more expensive than an equivalent amount of uninfused bud.

Having said that, they contain three components are much more potent than flowers by themselves, so you might get more potency for your money. Look for discounts at local stores to lower the price of moon rocks.

How do cannabis caviar and moon rocks differ from one another?

Although some cannabis users refer to “cannabis caviar” and “moon rocks” interchangeably, these terms originally described two different products.

Moon rocks or nugs dipped in cannabis oil are two examples of cannabis caviar. Make sure those nugs are covered in kief if you hear your budtender discussing caviar while you’re at the dispensary looking for moon rocks.

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