Review: Kung Fu Pandamovie 4 Most Awaited

Kung fu Pandamovie 4 is in theaters now. This pandamovie is relased on 8th of March 2024. This movie like last three movies is very interesting. We are going to visit the spirit realm and the life of Panda in this pandamovie article so read the complete article.


In this Kung fu Pandamvie Po doesn’t yet look like a Kung Fu expert. His tanga-tapping exploits are proof enough that this panda is a kung fu master.Po defeated the powerful leopard Tai Lung. He defeated the evil peacock Lord Shen.In last Pandamovie He defeated the evil yak General Kai, and his Jade Zombie legion.

Master Shifu now wants Po to quit the game just as he is getting used to this Dragon Warrior thing. The torch is passed. Be a mentor… just like Master Shifu. Make sure the Valley of Peace remains peaceful for a whole new generation.

This pandamovie shows that Po isn’t quite ready to retire yet. Thank you. This panda still has plenty of kick and punch in his arsenal. Shifu the master insists. Po holds the tryouts to find the next Dragon Warrior. The applicants are impressive. Po decides to keep for a little while. The choice was hard, you know?

Shifu grits again his teeth as he tries to find some inner peace, a peace which Po, in three pandamovie, he has tried to destroy. Shifu may have heard his mentor Oogway say “There are no mistakes.” Maybe this delay is for a good reason.

Kung FU Pandamovie and the entry of ZHEN

A possible “reason”, a fox named Zhen, soon bounces in the Hall of Heroes in this pandamovie . This is the museum of artifacts and weapons of the past warriors. Zhen is the interloper, a fox who’s obviously after some relics–perhaps Po’s Staff of Wisdom., will not do. To unlock the powers of the staff, it must first be given freely. No thieving Fox (no mater how talented) can beat the Dragon Warrior. She’s going to jail.

Po then hears about a truly dreadful foe, the Chameleon. She is a sorcerer with great fame, and it has been said that she can change into anyone she wants: Tai Lung. Master Shifu. Po. Anyone.

Zhen is well-aware of her, and she promises to take Po to her home. If he let her out of prison, that is.Po is still a dragon warrior. This Dragon Warrior has more dragon warrioring to do in this new pandamovie.

Positive Elements in new Pandamovie

It is showed in this Pandamovie that Zhen was raised in Juniper City’s rough streets, where she met some tough men. The fox has learned from the best. Zhen is amazed by her black and white companion as they travel together.

Po has a good heart. He might not be quite ready to let go of his Dragon Warrior title just yet, and partly because he doesn’t feel prepared to be a wise mentor. When the moment came when Panda gave the fox a cookie she was amazed and she knew at that moment that this is a different person from other persons in the world.

Po demands that Zhen stops stealing in this adventure. She even returns her stolen goods during a frenzied fight. Sometimes he does his best to resolve conflicts without violence, and it works. Po will always risk his life to protect those who depend on him.

Po is probably a better “wise sage”, than he thinks. Po gave Zhen the peach pit from the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom at one point. He uses the pit to illustrate a proverb. He tells Zhen that “every pit is the promise of a great tree”–a good message for someone who has lived in the pits. Po believes that Zhen has the potential to become a mighty oak tree. His confidence in Zhen moves her a lot.

Po’s dads (adoptive father Mr. Ping, and biological dad Li Shan), worry back home that the Chameleon might be more than an equal match for their son. Mr. Ping explains, “But [Po] does have something the Chameleon doesn’t.” The goose and elder panda then embark on their own journey to help Po in any way that they can.

Messages in new Pandamovie

This pandamovie has a lot of messages that emphasize the need for change and growth. It also stresses the need to let go of who you are and become someone better. As Po’s multi-movie plot arc has demonstrated, you do not need to appear strong in order to become powerful; nor do you need to have courage to achieve courage.

Even if you don’t have the right look, there may be a hero in all of us. Po’s surprisingly nice aphorism says, “Sometimes even the most unlikely ingredients can make the best dishes.”

SPIRITUAL Elements in this Pandamovie

The Kung Fu Pandamovie series has always had a lot of spirituality. Some of it is based on Eastern religions and some of it is a mix-and match Hollywood style treatment of faith. These plot points are not meant to be evangelistic, but parents should still be aware.

The Chameleon, as mentioned above, is a powerful sorcerer. Although we don’t know how she got her powers, we do know that she has been practicing her craft for a very long time. The context of the movie makes it seem like sorcery would be bad.

The kung-fu we see in the movie franchise is no different. The Chameleon tells us kungfu is “housed within the spirit.” She may look like Tai Lung, but to combat as he, she must have more.

Since the beginning of the Kung Fu Panda series, The Spirit Realm played a major role. It does so again in this film. The Chameleon is actually trying to get into the Spirit Realm and fight Po’s greatest enemies, who are now all in that realm.

This realm is not comparable to either heaven or hell. The most vile of its inhabitants don’t appear to be punished in any way. One bad guy told a good one that he was looking forward to renewing acquaintances with him when he got there. It doesn’t seem that you need to die in order to get access. The Realm is more like a neighborhood you can move to after your time in the mortal suburb has ended.

Shifu suggests to Po that he sit down by the Peach Tree of Heavenly Knowledge and “ask for answers from the universe.” Po dutifully plops down and replies, “Allright, universe.” Give me some direction. He strikes a meditative stance and repeats, like a mantra, the phrase, “inner peace”, before it changes to “dinner, please” along with menu options.

Po considers Zhen’s actions as desecration when he fights with him in the Hall of Heroes. The Urn of Whispering Warriors is a running joke, in which the warriors moan when the urn falls. Zhen asked whe do ou have a pot basically a urn full of souls of dceased. It’s a little creepy. Li Shan tells Po that he has faced “demons” and “demigods”. A ritual involves a “blood moon”. Po describes a vision, which Zhen says is a dream. Other references are made to meditation. Po’s staff has a yin/yang symbol on top.


The violent marriage rituals of praying mentises are mentioned. The victim is holding a cup and swipes someone’s pants. During the credits, Brittany Spears sings “… “Baby One More Time”.

Po’s fathers are important characters in the film. We see them on adventures together. The two fathers don’t seem to be together: one is Po’s biological father and the other is his adoptive father. Li Shan is a chef at Mr. Ping’s noodle shop, and while both men love their sons, their relationship ends there.

One character, a fish that lives inside the pelican’s mouth, does refer to Po’s fathers: “I guess there are all kinds of dads.

Violent CONTENT in New Pandamovie

Shifu tells Po in a memory that there are other ways than kicking butt to bring about peace. But despite Po’s attempts, there is still a lot of kicking, punching, twirling and weapon use.

The game is played for fun and thrills, but no one seems to be seriously injured. The result is too much martial mayhem on screen to give any details. You probably already know what you can expect if you’ve seen the previous Kung Fu Panda movies.

It’s important to mention a few things.

Po and Zhen meet three adorable bunnies who make Dunes evil Baron Harkonnen seem pacifistic. They attack Po almost instantly (with some of them nibbling on his chest, where his nipples should be) and descend upon other characters as furry piranhas.

They choose violence over anything else when given the choice. They always choose violence when given the choice. When Po says that violence isn’t the answer, the bunnies don’t understand him. They exclaim, “More violent later is better than a little less violence right now!”

Li Shan is trying to be tough in an intimidating bar. When his tough actions lead to painful-looking injuries, such as a shard in his paw or a loss of teeth from chewing something he shouldn’t have been chewing, the regulars are not impressed. The whole establishment eventually falls down a cliff, resulting in no visible injuries, but wet customers.


You hear the word “butt” repeated a lot in this pandamovie.


Po, Zhen, and other characters go to a restaurant that has a bar. They hire a captain of the boat to take them to Juniper City, a city where a fish lives inside a pelican’s mouth. Po asks “Should this man be driving?” and the answer is no. The fish’s boat crashes into a pier when they reach Juniper City. He says, “Whoa.” “That was out of the blue.”

Other Negative Elements

Some other negative elements showed in this pandamovie. Po is a gasser at an inopportune and critical moment. Gambling is common in bars. People lie.

We meet with a group of criminals. One of them complains about the Chameleon taking a large chunk of his ill-gotten gains. He says, “It is like a criminal cannot earn an honest living any more.”

Zhen grew up on the street and has a long history of stealing. Po tries to convince her not to steal, but as we see repeatedly, old habits are hard to break. Throughout the film, her bad habits are displayed. She and Po escape Juniper City law enforcement when Po is mistakenly thought to be criminal. They meet many of Zhen’s associates in the underworld.

[ Spoiler Alert] Zhen, Po and the ne’er-do wells join forces with this group of ne’er-do-wells who have actually done well for one time. But they are far from being reformed. They just want to get rid of a baddie so they can have more freedom in Juniper City.

CONCLUDING the NEW Pandamovie

In the conclusion of this 4h Kung fu pandamove I will say that Change is difficult. Po is having trouble giving up his role of the Dragon Warrior. Zhen struggles to change her bad habits. Even the Chameleon, who reminds us she is always changing, has difficulty accepting change.

Just ask the creators of Kung Fu Panda 4, who, eight year after giving Po some closure in Kung Fu Panda 3, brought back Po and Jack Black for one last encore.

Let’s not lie: it’s an encore that’s worth the effort.

Kung Fu Pandamvie has more than its fair share of problems, which we have also discussed in our KFP 1 – 3 reviews. Its sense of Eastern spirituality and superficial mix-and match sense of faith are still present. The slapstick violence is relentless.

If I ever saw a film that lasted 10 minutes without a fist being thrown or someone falling off a roof, I would be surprised. Does a PG-rated film have to use “butt” so much?

Po is still a relatable and worthy hero, despite all that. He’s absolutely goofy, and incorruptible. He also tries to improve the lives of those around him. He’s not perfect, but he does succeed when it matters. Kung Fu Panda 4, has some nice messages on friendship, family, and that it is “never too later to do the right things” (as one character says in the movie). It shows us that heroes can take on unexpected forms.

Oh, and this is a fun pandamovie, too. The bunnies are violent and sadistic, which is not something you want your children to be like. But they made me laugh.

It’s great to see that other animation studios are picking up the slack as Disney and Pixar struggle to recapture the magic of old. Kung Fu Panda 4, might not have the depth and richness of the best animated films. It might have more issues than we would like. Kung Fu Panda 4,, is fun, sweet and surprising sage.

It’s worth the hip-hip skadoosh in this pandamocvie.

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