Singer Shubh came under fire from Kangana Ranaut after she was seen wearing a sweatshirt bearing the date of Indira Gandhi’s killing. The Canadian singer has now released a statement.

In Short

  • Singer Shubh broke his silence on the hoodie controversy.
  • He took to social media and issued a statement in the matter.
  • Previously, Kangana Ranaut lashed out at the Canadian singer.

Finally speaking up on the historic hoodie incident was Canadian singer Shubh. In a statement, he warned that people will always bring up his actions ‘against’ him.

For the uninitiated, it was previously claimed that Shubh ‘glorified Indira Gandhi’s assassins in London by carrying a sweatshirt with the date and photo of her killing on the Punjab map’. It was Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut who criticised him for ‘celebrating the cowardly assassination’.


Shush makes a statement on the Hoodie controversy.
In order to address the matter, Shubh broke his quiet on Tuesday on Instagram stories. “No matter what I do, there will always be people who will find a way to turn it against me,” he wrote. At my first concert in London, the audience threw a lot of clothing, jewellery, and phones at me.

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“I was there to perform, not to see what was on it and what was thrown at me,” he said. The crew has put in a lot of effort over the past several months to perform for each and every one of you. Put an end to spreading negativity and hate (sic).”

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Online footage from Shubh’s performance showed the singer clutching a sweatshirt that one of his fans had reportedly thrown at him. Kangana attacked the artist in a post she made on X, the previous Twitter platform, in response to the video.

See the post here:

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“Celebrating the cowardly killing of an elderly woman by those whom she designated as her saviours,” the author said. It is an ignominious act of cowardice rather than courage when someone you are trusted to defend betrays that trust and faith by using the same weapons to kill the people you are supposed to be protecting. There is nothing to be proud of here, Shubham ji. One should be embarrassed of such a cruel attack on an elderly woman who was defenceless and ignorant—a woman who was the chosen leader of a democracy. Disgrace (sic).

Shubh has been the subject of criticism before. This is not the first time. Shubh had a fierce response last month after it was claimed in a prior social media post that he had backed Khalistani elements. His show in Mumbai was cancelled shortly after.

see her video:

shubh new song King Shit:

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